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31 December 2012


Hi pals.  This is NOT a "best of" list for 2012 or anything like that.  I may do that later.  This is just a collection of all the comics that I named as my "BEST SINGLE NEW PRINT COMIC I READ THIS WEEK" in my Other Comics News Parade-O-Links columns during 2012.  I did not start the Parade-O-Links until May and did not start with the BEST NEW PRINT reviews until sometime later.  Also, I did not necessarily post them every week because maybe I forgot.  The only criteria taken into account for eligibility in my weekly post was that I had read it in that week.  For, the most part they were new or new-ish.  For the most part the were single issue pamphlet print comics bought in a direct market comic book shop.  Sometimes they were not.  I think they were always comics.  Here are the links to each review:

Hmm.  So yeah.  Pretty random but that has more to do with my reading habits than it does the quality of the books that came out in 2012.  Not a lot of Marvel in there.  I did read plenty of new Marvel comics but I'll just say that, in general, the colors in any average 2012 Marvel comic were just so awful, terrible, horrific and bad that it is hard for me to put any of them beside the word "best".  I only managed 12 this year because the Parade-O-Links has been a work in progress.  Maybe I'll get closer to a "best" review in 2013.  Hope to see you there.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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