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11 January 2017

Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 01112017

(Star Wars issue 106.  Cover by Cynthia Martin.  Image stolen from Rebel Scum. )

Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week weeks ending 01/11/2017.

"Look, I don’t have time for this." - Steve Ditko.

  • Hello sisters and brothers of teh intronets and welcome to another episode of your Other Comics News Parade-O-Links.  My name is Shannon and I'll be your host.  I've been away for a bit.  Well, I've been right here.  I've just been busy.  September through November is my busiest time of year at work.  Then after that holiday and family stuff took over.  Family first right?  But 2017 will be a big year for file under other.  2017 is an anniversary year so more on that down the road. 
  • So, here we are.  My head and my heart are in knots.  I appologize in advance that this Parade-O-Links will be short on comics.  That's not comics' fault.  It's my fault.  I'm dealing with some things.  I'll get better.  For the 2nd time in the last five Presidential elections the person that received the largest amount of votes will not be our next President.  It happens.  Some people are concerned.  And with good reason.  Imagine the riots in the streets if two out of five Superbowl Championships were handed to the team with less points.  The last time this happened we invaded the wrong countries and went to war for fifteen years. So... good luck?  Look, our democracy failible.  Our democracy is fragile.  It's scary.  But one of the main reasons these United States have been safe from tyranny is that every four to eight years we have the peaceful removal and replacement of our top leader.  So whether your candidate won or lost, remember, this is temporary.  Maybe. 
  • And by Maybe I mean please remember that Vladimir Putin circumvented Russia's constitution and appointed himself Prime Minister and then President after having exceeded Russia's term limits.  Again, democracy is fragile.
  • Kompromat. 
  • Don't take democracy for granted.  It can end.  Democracies end.  Some times by force and sometimes by will.  Sometimes they get pissed away.  

  • Friends.  This isn't a political blog but I'm reporting to you live right now from the Unites States of America and this is just the world around us right now.  I know a lot of very smart people discourage artists, creative types and well, basically anyone that would like to attain employment at some point, to keep the political opinions off social media because it could be held against you and cost you gigs.  I get it. I get it.  But if we live in a country where you have to be afraid to speak your mind then we've already lost.  And personally, I don't want to work for or with people that don't respect my opinion. My mind, my glorious freaking mind, is exactly WHY you SHOULD want to work with me.  And if you're paying  me to shut up then you're wasting your money.  

  • Guys.  I just need to take a moment to say that this webpage is doing some weird things with font that and alignment that are driving me crazy but I just don't have the patience to figure out right now.  Sorry.

  • Enough about the future/end of the free world.  Let's talk about me. I recently drew a four page comic about "Handsome" Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie" Man Valiant and Magnet Man having a monster truck sumo battle for Brien Wayne Powell's Boogie Jam 4Ever. It's great.  You should buy seven copies.  Brien also has what has to be one of the longer running ongoing webcomics about Magnet Man and the Boogie Woogie Man's adventures over at Boogie Jam Online.  I've got some other wrasslin' comics in the works but they are top secret so you will have to wait to find out about them. (Or, ya know, just ask me.)
  • Speaking of the word "handsome".  Does the way Taylor Swift pronounces "handsome" weird anyone else out?
  • 2016 was a rough one for a lot of us.  It was a rough one for the world.  A lot of people have it worse than I do and I can be pretty miserable. There's a solid chance that tomorrow I'll wake up and my county's schools and hospitals will still be standing.  That's not true everywhere. So many have lost so much.  We focus on the death's of famous people because those folks are like our shared extended family.  There is a commonality there that we can empatize with.  I may know know you but if I know you loved David Bowie then I can understand how much it hurt a year ago when he left us.  You may not know me but if you loved Prince then I can tell you about how I bought my first guitar because of him when I was 15 and that I picked out a white one because of Purple Rain. Carrie Fisher meant so much to so many of us around the world.  She was the first girl I ever wanted to marry. She never stopped inspiring.  We need a million more of her.  Especially now. Comics also lost a lot of great ones. We will press on.  Forward.  Forward.  But don't forget. How could we?

  • Those of you have been reading file under other for a while know that I usually end these posts with a video from our youtube pal Francis.  I hate to break internet kayfabe but Francis is just a character.  The man behind Francis is Steven Williams, also known as boogie2988.  I grew up in the same small town, watchin' cartoons and readin' comics at the same library.  He was a year behind me in school but I've know him since pre-school. He's a sweetheart and was always the funniest guy in the room. This past year he received one of the highest honors you can receive in video games without actually making them. I'm proud of ya' Boogie.  Ya done good.  Saint Paul High School represent!
  • And now ladies and gentlemen...

    THE BEST NEW semi-recent COMIC comics I READ THIS WEEK recently.

    Disney Pirates of the Caribbean issues 1 and 2 by Chris Schweizer, Joe Flood and Marissa Louise.  Published by Joe Books LTD.  $2.99.

    I didn't know much about this comic going into it beyond the fact that Chris Schweizer was writing it.  I missed the whole Pirates of the Caribbean movie phenomenon at the time the films came bout because my kids were not at the PG-13 age yet.  Those movies came out during a time when I pretyt much only saw talking animal movies.  But, I'm a sucker for any movie with a boat in it so I watched the 1st movie on Netflix recently after I bought these comics at my LCS but before I read them.  I liked the movie a lot.  It had boats in it. 
    I loved both issues of this comic.  I think is really lovely from cover to cover. I don't know anything about the publisher Joe Books LTD or why they publish Disney comics instead of a comic book publisher Disney paid billions of dollars for but, the books are as good from cover to cover as anything on the stands and they cost a dollar or two less.  Consider me a fan.  
    Schweizer's writing is as great as I expected it to be.  Each comic is a fully realized self contained speedy adventure with a full cast of individually motivated interesting characters.  The character's speech and motivations are consistent with the one film I saw.  The wit is very sharp.  Schweizer doesn't go too many panels without a punchline. 
    I was a bit dissappointed to see that Schweizer was not also drawing this book but Joe Flood does a great job.  The design is solid and pleasantly consistent with the Disney Infinity video game style that I love so much.  The real challenge with this book is capturing Captain Jack's mannerism's Flood never drops character.  
    The book looks great cover to cover.  Marissa Louise is credited with the colors on the first issue and I'm assuming Flood did the colors himself on the second.  I like the style of both.  My personal preference in colors is for them to be very flat. I don't like colorists that are into rendering. I like flat colors with a bit of that enhance the light and dark of the inks.  That's pretty much the style we see here.  The pallet is a bit brown for my personal tastes but it fits the story, time and location and is consistent with the movie I watched.  Interior and night time scenes are appropriately dark but the characters still pop.  
    As I said before, I really don't know anything about Joe Books or these Disney comics yet (I'll look it up eventually) but if they put out 20 more issues of this with Schweizer as the writer I'll be sure to buy them and they'll probably be the first books I read from the ol' pull list any time they come out.  I couldn't find these on Comixology so if you're interested in them I suggest you ask your LCS to snag you some copies. 

    • And finally... Hey guys, 2016 wasn't all bad.  Francis made a friend!
    • Remember pals, life is hard.  Never stop running unless it's to pick up a friend.  Read comics and chew Glorp every day and you'll keep on livin' until you're dead. 

    Your best pal ever,
    Shannon Smith

    p.s. I write comics.  Do you make comics?  Maybe you should hire me to write comics. 
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    06 October 2016

    Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 10062016

    (Transmetropolitan issue 4.  Cover by Frank Quitely 1997.  Image stolen from Cover Browser. )

    Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 0925201610062016.

    "Sometimes the most handsome ones end up being Draculas." - Norm Macdonald.

    • Hello sisters and brothers of teh intronets and welcome to another episode of your Other Comics News Parade-O-Links.  My name is Shannon and I'll be your host.  This is another late (or early depending on perspective and other nonsensical false realities) parade-o-links.  I can't blame it on anything cool like going to see Buddy Guy this time.  Mid September through mid November is the busiest time of the year for me at work and at home so... gotta put the paycheck and the kids first.  Also, today is my birthday so love me. 
    • Hey!  It's October!  Happy Halloween month everybody!  I loves me some October.  As I said, it's a busy time for me but I've got a lot of neat stuff in the works that will roll out this month.  Keep file under other open on your computer or cell-pad-pod-phone and just keep hitting refresh constantly for the next 25 days.  
    • Can we take a few moments to promote my friends?  Of course we can.  Have I ever told you guys about Brad McGinty and the fantastic t-shirts, patches, stickers and gum the produces for The Glorp Gum Company?  No?  Well let's correct that immediately.  Brad has a whole new line of Halloween related stuff you have to check out right now.  I've already gotten the Kong shirt and the Terror shirt. I wore the Terror shirt to the store yesterday and the Mayor stopped me in my tracks asked me for my t-shirt's autograph and gave me the key to the city. My kid already stole the new patches from me and sewed them on her jacket.  We are so ready for Halloween thanks to Glorp!
    • Another person I know that does things you can exchange money for is Robert Newsome, EIC and publisher of The Atomic Elbow.  The Atomic Elbow has been my absolute favorite quarterly professional wrestling zine for years now.  I recommend you buy all the issues but especially want to point out the latest collection that is on sale now.  I got mine in the mail a short while ago and it's really great. Now, maybe you don't follow wrestling and you're thinking the book may not be for you.  Well, the neat thing about The Atomic Elbow is that most of the articles are not about current wrestling nonsense.  Most of the articles are about the writer's personal experiences and adventures in and around (and sometimes not even that close to) the world of wrestling and wrestling fandom.  It's a great zine with a lot of great writers.  Honestly, the subject matter is least important thing about it.  Oh, and sometimes it has comics. 

    • Guys.  Look, things are weird for Superman but I wouldn't wish my problems on that poor sucker.  He couldn't handle what's going on inside my head for five minutes. 
    • When I was a little kid I was super jealous of the kids in the UK that got to read WEEKLY Star Wars comics that I didn't know existed.  Weekly,  that's like, multiple times each month!
    • Speaking of Star Wars, we're counting down the days to the new movie episode... Rouge One.  (I will not mention its subtitle because it is stupid and awful.) Apparently the toys for the new movie came out last week and a lot of my pals had a lot of fun hunting them but I wouldn't know anything about that because all any of the stores in my area had were dusty old Constable Zuvios. I'll just go ahead and get this off my chest right now;  I love Star Wars.  Go ahead Disney, make Star Wars movies.  Go crazy. I'll watch them.  That said, it is a terrible idea for them to break up the current episode 7 through 9 "saga" with this standalone movie.  The average movie goer just can't hold multiple sets of characters in their heads.  This is that Fantastic Beasts movie coming out sometime between Harry Potter 7 part 1 and Harry Potter 7 part 2.  During the first Star Wars trilogy, fans had six years to get invested in a set of characters.  Then we lived with those characters for decades.  Then we got the prequel characters, which were, with a few exceptions, some of the same characters we were already invested in.  We got invested in those characters for six years as well then they carried on in cartoons, comics and video games.  Then The Force Awakens comes and it's this new cast to get invested in.  And it was great.  The cast is great.  But now, one year later, whoops, whole new cast, whole new time period, whole new everything.  Here's the thing.  Every time I saw The Force Awakens there were multiple annoyingly audible people in the audience asking who Luke was supposed to be.  The people, the people are stupid.  I totally expect half the audience at Rogue One to spend the the whole movie annoyingly audibly asking why Rey is calling herself Jyn now and where are Poe and Finn.  I mean, hell, I wonder where Poe Dameron is in every movie I watch. 
    • Yeah, that last bullet point was hundreds of words to set up video of Kylo Ren saying "Outer Space!"
    • Matt Furie talked about that time one of his characters was appropriated by some internet weirdos related to some political thing that is apparently going on in America now.  
    • Tucker Stone is one of my favorite writers/podcasters about comics.  He went to SPX and wrote about some of the books he checked out. 
    • Here is your most recent Marvel Universe scorecard.  Tune in next week for a completely different yet remarkably similar new status quo. 
    • Lots of changes in the Marvel and DC "universes" while file under other was on "hiatus". I'll get too them soon and share some thoughts.  Short version is I really enjoy that new Superwoman comic.  Phil Jimenez is one of my faves. 
    • Adventure Time is ending... two years from now.
    • Not even linking to the Adventure Time story because, again, two years from now.
    • I regret to announce that I'm retiring from comics 60 years from now.  Everybody get your tributes ready. 
    • Another thing I'm not even going to link to is the notion that it took some of you buffoons out there 75 years to figure out an Amazon character might like ladies.  
    • Hey.  Let's see what those crazy kids from The Dollar Bin have been up to.  It looks like they finally got around to posting their reports on this summer's HeroesCon.  Part 1.  Part 2.
    • Apparently the new Luke Cage show on Netflix broke teh intronets or whatever.  I've been too busy to check it out but I look forward to it.  I thought Alias was uneven and a bit of a slog.  You really only needed to watch the episodes that had evil Doctor Who or Luke Cage on them.  I've been fond of Luke Cage ever since those 1984 Bill Sienkiewicz ads convinced me that I needed to pick up Power Man and Iron Fist. But even without Iron Fist, I'm going to watch that show anyway because it has one of the most attractive women in human history on it

    • And now ladies and gentlemen...
    THE BEST NEW semi-recent COMIC I READ THIS WEEK recently.

    Midnight of the Soul issue 1 by Howard Chaykin with Jesus Aburtov and Ken Bruzenak.  Cover by Chaykin  Published by Image Comics.  $3.50

    This book actually started a while ago while file under other was on "hiatus" but I wanted to talk about it and I'm way behind on my giant stack of "pull list" comics and haven't ready any of the real new books from the past few weeks so let's talk about Midnight of the Soul.  Guys, ya'll know Howard Chaykin is the best right?  I feel like maybe some of you don't know this.  Well, he is.  He's one of my all time favorites and luckily me for me he's been very proficient over the past few years.  You guys have read Black Kiss II and Satellite Sam right?  You guys do read adult comics right?  I mean, look, if you are a children, it's okay if maybe you didn't read Howard Chaykin's adult comics.  But, if you're an adult and you don't read Chaykin then... do you even comic bro?  

    Midnight of the Soul is a gorgeous book.  Fantastic art and storytelling by Chaykin.  No one draws alcoholism and eyebrows better than Chaykin.  The colors by Jesus Aburtov are a bit more technically ambitious than I prefer but the pallet is just right.  The main thing for a colorist on a Chaykin book is to get the lipstick shimmer right and I think Aburtov nails it. 

    The comic is about a former WWII soldier who helped liberate a concentration camp.  It's the 50s now and he's home trying and failing to make it as a writer.  His book is set in a world where Hitler won and no one is buying it.  Like most Chaykin comics, he finds out his lady is mixed up in some dirty sexy time business and it all goes to hell from there. Alcoholism, sex, infidelity, murder and Nazis.  Everything you'd want in a comic right?  If you like hard boiled fiction  you probably already bought these comics. If you don't then what's wrong with you?
    • And finally... Francis has a special message for the Grim Reaper. 
    • Remember pals, life is hard.  Read comics every day, chew Glorp every day and you'll keep on livin' until your dead. 

    Your best pal ever,
    Shannon Smith

    p.s. I write comics.  Do you make comics?  Maybe you should hire me to write comics. 
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    18 September 2016

    Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 09182016

    (2001 A Space Odyssey issue 10.  Cover by Jack Kirby 1977.  Image stolen from Kevin Metz. )

    Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 09182016.

    "Spock, I've found that evil usually triumphs - unless good is very, very careful." -Dr. Leonard H. McCoy.

    • Hello sisters and brothers of teh intronets and welcome to another episode of your Other Comics News Parade-O-Links.  My name is Shannon and I'll be your host.  I have to start this episode off with an apology.  I know most of you woke up Sunday morning, got out of bed, shared breakfast with your non-gender specific significant other, read the Sunday funnies then logged on to the internets to read the Other Comics News Parade-O-Links like all good humans do but you were then horrified to find that the Parade-O-Links was not there.  I'm sorry.  I got busy.  And today's Parade will be short.  Let's call it minimal.  That makes it sound more intentional and less like failure.  All I can do is say that I'm sorry and promise that I will always disappoint you frequently.  I spent much of the weekend at the annual Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion  on the VA/TN state line in Bristol. It was neat. Crowded, but neat.  Lots of hillbilly hipsters.  Hipbillies. Craft beer, craft crafts, foods on sticks,  country and bluegrass upstarts, country and bluegrass legends.  It was a good time.  And look, country music ain't my thing but I appreciate it when it's good and there was plenty that was good.  I recommend it.  The highlight for me was seeing blues legend Buddy Guy perform.  He was fantastic. 
    • This weekend the indie comics and small press world turned it's lonely eyes to the Small Press Expo (a.k.a. SPX) in Bethesda, MD.  I didn't go.  I haven't been since they moved to the lotter for their table reservations.  My number just hasn't came up. And, as much as I'd like to attend, September and October are busiest months of the year for me.  But, lots of folks whet and I saw some neat things on the old twudder and instacrack.  I'm sure we'll see some reports roll in this week.  I can't wait to see the best pictures of people cosplaying as the carpet or as those two old horror movie looking architects in that painting everyone takes a picture of.   The Comics Reporter has your Ignatz winners.  I was hoping that Gabby Schulz's Sick would win because it is one of the best comics I've ever read. I hadn't read most of the nominees because minicomics are a wierd regional kinda thing and graphic novels are too expensive. 
    • Speaking of comics shows, Adam and Shawn of The Dollar Bin have part 2 of their DragonCon adventure.  Part 2 of their podcast focuses on the comics related part of the convention.  The fact that you can do a podcast on the comics related part of DragonCon shows that the show has improved a lot in recent years.  When I lived in Atlanta, it was just a cosplay show with comics shoved in corner of a basement.  I remember one year when Carmine Infantino, Julius Schwartz, Darth Vader and Chewbacca were crammed into a space in the basement about the size of a Ford Focus while upstairs, in a huge convention room, literal porn stars had 8 foot tables to themselves. But, from listening to The Dollar Bin, it appears that things have improved and that DragonCon may indeed be a show worth checking out for comics enthusiasts and creators. The episode also has a great story about Shawn meeting the great Jim Steranko.  (ABS.  Always be Sterankoing.)
    • We are all going to die.
    • A lot of talk the past few weeks about Raina Telgemeier's new book Ghosts.  Most of it high praise but a little bit of negativity.  I haven't read it.  I am not a child.  Also, graphic novels = expensive etc.  My comic reading kids kind of jumped from Archie to Kate Beaton and manga before these YA graphic novels were really a thing so that window was missed by my household.  My youngest reads Yo-Kai Watch manga.  I gotta say, it's hard to get them to give american intermediate or young adult graphic novels when they've already been introduced to books that are vastly more visually stimulating.  I've tried.  It's not my fault.
    • There are a lot of things I've enjoyed while file under other was on hiatus and I hope to get to a lot of it throughout the rest of 2016. One thing that I've been really pretty lousy about pointing out are the webcomics I enjoy.  Pals Jeremy Massie and Matthew Smith have a new comic online called Amazing Age. They are now up to a 1st issue's worth of pages so it's a good time to check it out for before the next pages roll out.  Page one is here. 
    • And now ladies and gentlemen...

    Doom Patrol (volume who knows because publishers don't even keep track anymore) issue 1 by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain, Todd Klein and several other people.  Published by DC Comics.  $3.99

    The reason I struck through the word "best" in the header above is because I think I only read one new comic this week and calling a thing the "best" when you only sampled one of them is kind of silly.  But it's a pretty good comic.  I enjoyed it. I should enjoy it because the thing is pretty much made for me and/or my offspring. I'm a 90s Grant Morrison acolyte and this thing is essentially a tribute to Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol and Invisibles but made for current teens like my kids.  It's kind of like The Batman Adventures version of Morrison's Doom Patrol.  And I think it's perfect that DC has put Gerard Way in charge of this thing and this Young Animal line of comics because Grant Morrison may have very well invented Gerard Way.  Some of the youngs might not know about this but, in the 90s, we had rock star comics creators.  No, they were not comics creators that were actual rock n' roll performers, but they were creators that carried themselves, portrayed themselves and were treated much like rock stars.  The Image guys were like west coast American rock stars.  They had expensive cars, they hung out with rappers and sports stars and did TV commercials.  But the DC Vertigo creators were the cool UK rock stars with the black leather jackets, combat boots and tight shiny pants. Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison were the prototype for Gerard Way.  He is their dream become manifest. He is a literal rock star making comics.  Which, also gives me a chance to repeat one of my favorite jokes; "How do you break into comics?  Become moderately successful in any entertainment field other than comics, then ask." 
    And please don't think I'm dismissing Gerard Way here.  He's doing good work in this comic.  He has history with Morrison and has clearly done his homework.  All the right references and hints and teases are there.  This comic feels like the Netflix re-boot of your favorite old TV show.  It's mostly a new cast but they brought back enough of the old faces to make it feel like a family reunion.  There are panels where my Grant Morrison-fan reflexes kicked in and my "hey, they're ripping off Morrison" alert went off and I had to remind myself that it is supposed to do that.  
    Derington's art is fine enough.  Kind of a stripped down kid friendly version of what you would have expected to see in a 90s Doom Patrol.  A Philip Bond or Cameron Stewart might have been a better fit but it's okay.
    My fourteen year old daughter likes My Chemical Romance.  She's in the high school band and they play one of their songs.  She want's to read this comic.  Grant Morrison, your creation has succeeded. 
    • And finally... Francis likes a girl that's like a cheeseburger. 
    • Remember pals, life is hard.  Read comics every day, chew Glorp every day and you'll keep on livin' until your dead. 

    Your best pal ever,
    Shannon Smith

    p.s. I write comics.  Do you make comics?  Maybe you should hire me to write comics. 
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    11 September 2016

    Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 09112016

    (G.I.Joe issue 15 cover by Mike Zeck and John R. Beatty.  August 1986.  Image stolen from )

    Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 09112016.

    "DJ Z, I suffer with you my friend."  -Jeff Hardy.
    • Hello sisters and brothers of teh intronets and welcome to another episode of your Other Comics News Parade-O-Links.  My name is Shannon and I'll be your host.  I was driving east on Alternate 58 this morning behind the limousine of Nathan Stanley and under the golden rays of the warm September Appalachian sun when I remembered that, while file under other was on "hiatus", we lost one of the pillars of Bluegrass and American music, Doctor Ralph Stanley.  Growing up a few miles from where Ralph Stanley lived it was easy to take the man for granted.  He was just kind of always around.  You'd see him play at the fair.  You'd see him play at the UMWA rallies.  He literally performed at my summer camp one year.  When my employer was looking to set up shop in Southwest Virginia, it was Ralph Stanley that Senator Warner and the county called upon to welcome and entertain the suits and ties.  In some small way, I guess you could say I owe my paycheck to Ralph Stanley.  His legacy will be a part of this region and this country as long as the mighty Clinch River flows. 
    • Alan Moore has announced that he has about 250 pages of comics left in him and then he will retire from comics.   Moore is probably the most influential English language genre comics writer of the past 40 years.  He could never write another word and that would not change.  He doesn't owe comics anything. If you want more Alan Moore comics, just go read the one's you've missed or re-read the ones you've loved. Despite the wizard beard, Moore is really not that old.  He was a very young man when he started knocking out masterpieces.  I hope he has a great many years ahead of him enjoying whatever it is he chooses to do.  And guys, 250 is a lot of pages. 
    • A lot of us comics folks are thinking about pal of comics Tim O'Shea and his family this week.  The Comics Reporter has the details.  Tim has been a real champion of comics, minicomics and self-publishers throughout the years.  He's one of those "I probably would have stopped making comics without his kind words" kind of folks.  We need 100 more of him.  We wish all the best for Tim and his family. 
    • Last weekend cosmic abomination DragonCon happened (again) in Atlanta, GA.  Adam and Shawn Daughhetee of the Dollar Bin went there for the first time and lived to tell the tale.   They compare DragonCon to HeroesCon a bit which, are two things totally worlds apart.  HeroesCon is a a comic book convention.  DragonCon is that time that Hunter S. Thompson and Zardoz drank an Atlantic Ocean sized vial of LSD and tiger adrenal gland then went to the Creature Cantina in Star Wars but only the Creature Cantina was the size of the Titanic.  Every year.  Repeat.  Totally different things. 
    • Guys.  I just love Tarzan so much. (Link stolen from The Comics Reporter.)  Speaking of Tarzan, like I do, I read a lot of Tarzan comics this summer.  It's been a summer ritual since... I learned to read.  I read a lot of Joe Kubert Tarzan comics this summer and bought a lot of the Marvel "Lord of the Jungle" comics.  I almost have the full Marvel run now.  The 28th issue of the Marvel series was one of the first comic books I ever owned so Tarzan has and will always be a big part of what makes me me.  A big part of my brain is thinking about Tarzan junk most of my waking and sleeping hours.  It's weird.  I know.  So, of course I saw the new movie.  I really liked it. It was my favorite movie of the summer.  I really hope they make more movies with that Tarzan and Jane. 
    • A lot of talk this week about the death of comics and whether or not it is dead and if it is just Professor X dead or is it Uncle Ben dead and who is to blame and is Soylent Green people or are people Soylent Green and if I use the F word more than you is my argument more valid than yours even though my argument is absolutely Donald Trump wrong on all of my historical references and should all of our best cartoonists just start making their comics with sidewalk chalk then post videos of them on YouTube but then get upset about that too because YouTube secretly won't let you make any money off videos anymore if you have dirty words in your side walk chalk comics and Kickstarter stopped being crowd funding the second it replaced the publisher's marketing department and Amazon really already killed publishing anyway and the music industry is deader than comics and it's just an illusion that it exists because, again, YouTube, and if it can happen to comics and music then it can happen to video games, and, in a way, it's already happening to movies, I mean, do you really think the movie theater chains are thrilled about you guys binge watching Stranger Things and eating microwave popcorn, and if you'll DVR and watch your favorite TV shows later it sure as hell won't take a TV exec long to figure out that you'd probably also pay for it in advance and most of what we really love will be pre-order anyway because comics isn't special, comics just is always the first in line for the firing squad, and about how we probably already lost this war and we need to just assimilate and get over ourselves because I'm literally wearing a t-shirt right now that I pre-ordered, while listening to digital music that was pre-ordered then downloaded, and I literally have a book beside my keyboard that was pre-ordered and as soon as I get through typing this I'm literally going to play some video games that I pre-ordered and maybe what you're calling death is just the new way of living and... You wanted everything for free so you stole it.  Now you have to pay in advance for it to even exist.  Money always wins folks.
    • And now it's time for the return of...


    I've been a big fan of Rich Tommaso for years and years but She Wolf might be his work for which I am the most excited.  Guys, I'm stupid for werewolves and wolfmans.  I've watched a lot of werewolf movies and read a lot of werewolf comics but Tommaso is on to something really fascinating here. He's using a waking nightmare form of narrative where he can tell this story from a both metaphysical and material world point of view at the same time while also fluctuating between the present and ancient folklore from panel to panel.  

    Tommaso is letting the narrative take off in multiple directions within a single page and it is allowing him to really stretch his legs as an artists.  I've always loved Tommaso's drawing and character designs but with this comic he's being really ambitious with the motion and fluidity of his cartooning.  It's a major break from the conservatism and the obsession with the old fashioned that we've seen in indie comics over the past 20 years. Plus, he draws a balls out penis dangling Satan that can't be beat.  I can't wait for the next issue. 
    This issue also features some great pinups by Chuck Forsman, Brandon Graham, Brian Level, Tom Neely, Eraklis Petmeza and my favorite one (below) by Patrick Dean.
    • And finally... Playstation made some announcements this week.  Let's see how our ol' pal Francis feels about them. 

    • Remember pals, life is hard.  Read comics every day, chew Glorp every day and you'll keep on livin' until your dead. 

    Your best pal ever,

    Shannon Smith

    p.s. I write comics.  Do you make comics?  Maybe you should hire me to write comics. 
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    04 September 2016

    Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 09042016

    (Marvel Premier Featuring issue 45 from 1978.  Cover art by George Perez and Bob McLeod.  Image stolen from SellMyComics.)

    Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week month years ending 04042014 09042016

    "Hear me, arisen Tyrk!  In the name of my comrades Sashiel and Barq, I swear vengeance from this moment on... The Man-Wolf is out for your stinking blood!"  - Col. John Jameson, The Man-Wolf.

    • Hello sisters and brothers of teh intronets and welcome to another episode of your Other Comics News Parade-O-Links.  My name is Shannon and I'll be your host.  This is the first Parade-O-Links in quite some time.  I know most of you are thinking, "Where has the Parade-O-Links been during this darkest time of my life when I had nothing to live for and teh intronets completely let me down and all my favorite comics were canceled and the antidepressants had bad side effects and my favorite sports teams lost and all of my pets pooped in places I didn't want to clean?  Where was the Parade-O-Links when the world stopped turning?!?"  Look, friends, pals, I'd love to tell you everything that has happened since the last Parade-O-Links but quite frankly Frank Quitely, I don't remember.
    • So, let's start fresh.  I feel like I have solid memories of life on Earth going back at least to June of 2016 so we'll star there.  Fair enough? Good.  I'm glad we agree.  I appreciate your respect and understanding.  And, might I add, you look great today.  Fantastic choice of footwear. I'm digging it.  Magnificent.  I've always said that only the sexiest of the sexiest people read the Parade-O-Links and it's as true today as it was a few seconds ago when I made it up.
    (The Jack Tales wall based on Charles Vess art at Southwest Virginia Community College.)
    • At some point in the epic adventure that is my life, the powers that be in acedemia decided that I am not only a genius and that I smell great but that I am also a comics scholar.  I was approached by the Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium to present a workshop on writing for comics and graphic novels.  I turned that opportunity yes and put together a powerpoint presentation focused on the differences between writing for prose and writing for comics. 
    A photo posted by Shannon Smith (@sandfarmer) on
     Most of the writers at the symposium were pretty up on their plain old writin' words kinda' writin' but they needed to know how to write so that an artist could actually do something with it.  A drawing is a hell of a thing to have to write.  I bestowed upon them this great knowledge along with a little minicomic full of blank panels so that they could practice writing using thumbnails.  I look forward to taking a sip of my cocktail and giving a knowing nod when they all thank me during their eventual Eisner acceptance speeches. I taught for two hours and met a lot of great folks.  Sharyn McCrumb was they keynote speaker.  I was able to attend her workshop and picked up a lot of neat ideas.  Southwest Virginia Community College hosted the event and they have a lot of Charles Vess art on display including a huge brick sculpture based on his design.  (I took some more photos of it that you can find on my instagram.)  Also, we had lunch.  It was a great experience and I'm grateful for the opportunity. 

    • Did you guys know that not only am I a comics scholar but I am also a professional comic book writer? This is a true and well established fact.  Human beings have paid me to deliver to them words which have then been printed in comic books.  Perhaps you've read some of the comics? Perhaps you are a fan?  And who isn't? But how hardcore are you?  Do you have my earliest work?  Did you know that I did some work for the Glorp Gum Company back in the 90s?  Hah!  You didn't know that did you Mr. Fancypants? It's true.  Way back in 1991 the Glorp Gum Company hired me to do some scripting on a new comic book they had in the works.  I remember it like yesterday. I was sitting there in my dorm room, freshman year, smelling like teen spirit, listening to my favorite Bronze Vestal Virgin cassette tape ("Double Dead Again 2: Tokyo One Night Only") when the RA came a knockin' on my door to let me know that I had a phone call.  I figured it was the usual, some band wanting me to replace their guitar player or whatever, but when I answered the phone it was none other than comics legend John Sourcup. (RIP)  I thought the guy was already dead but here he is on the phone offering me a job.  Turns out he had read some of my Megaforce fan fiction in Slasher magazine and I thought I was just the guy to help him out with some last minute scripting on the revival of Glorp's comics line. I worked out some dialog for a little eight page skateboarding story called "Safety First Skater Later" that was printed up in the back of Glorp Comics and Stories.  Now, most of you are probably familiar with the story of how Glorp debuted the comic at a big skateboarding event and about how all those people and vee jays died. I don't really want to get into all of that.  I don't really like to talk about it. I was a big fan of a lot of the pro skaters that died that day... Anyway, as I'm sure you all know from the various TV documentaries, all of the comics were destroyed in the fire.  Or so we thought!  Friends, life is strange.  Years ago, there I am writing for the Glorp Gum Company and then one day, decades later, my pal Brad McGinty buys the Glorp Gum Company!  Can you believe that expletive? Sure enough, my friend and yours, Brad McGinty buys the Glorp Gum Company and what does he find when he's digging through the vaults?  You guessed it, the only remaining copy of Glorp Comics and Stories on the planet. But wait, it gets better.  My man, Brad McGinty, recently fired up the Glorp presses, pulled the lever down from the t-shirt setting to the comic book setting and knocked out a fat stack of Glorp comics that you my friend can pay for and read with your own damned eyeballs.  It's a damned hot boiled miracle. I've got to pause for a moment and just let it roll over me...
    • Whew.  I'm back.  Ain't that somethin'?  
    • Friends, this is real talk right now. This is serious business.  You, and not the collective internet you, but YOU, you right there, with your elbows and other unique characteristics, you can click this link right now and buy Glorp comics. And not just Glorp Comics and Stories!  No!  Other comics as well!  McGinty and fine people of the Glorp Gum Factory have printed up long lost copies of the legendary Moss Rot and Twin Cities Freakout.  These are two of the craziest comics I've ever witnessed.  Did you even ever imagine you'd have a chance to buy these legendary comics!?  On newsprint!?!  McGinty printed them on newsprint!  Do you guys understand the gravity of the opportunity that Brad McGinty is giving you here? These comics will dunk your donut! You can buy Glorp Comics, Moss Rot and Twin Cities Freakout all for one low price!  Or, for multiple individual low prices but that would be kinda stupid.
    • McGinty done did it again.
    • Santa Claus is crying himself to sleep wishing he could do for the children what McGinty has done for all of mankind. 
    • Just let it roll over ya.

    • Another thing I did this summer was take the kids to America's most beloved comic book convention, HeroesCon.  I've been going to HeroesCon fairly consistently since about 2004 but this was the first time I went as a regular old customer and not as an Indie Island guest or Artist Alley exhibitor.  I just went for good ol' fun and boy oh boy was some good ol' fun had.  The show has become enormous but, to its credit, it remains a comics show.  Sure, like every other show, it has become infected by the prints epidemic but at least most of the prints at HeroesCon are comics related and on Indie Island the prints are actual original creations and not just sexy Harley Quinn.  It's a still a show where you can shop for comics of pretty much any kind.  The kind I shop for are the kind that cost 25 cents or less.  I bought about as many comics as a grocery store bag could hold for $11. And boy do they smell terrible.  Sweet, sweet, mildew how I love you.  Pretty sure most of the comics I picked up had bong water spilled on them at least once.  Glorious!  I love it.

    The only new books I picked up were on Indie Island.  Rich Tommaso was there with the first issue of She Wolf.  I've been a huge fan of Rich's stuff forever and this might be his best work yet. I love this comic. I got the new Atomic Elbow, the latest J. Chris Campbell mini, all of the Glorp comics (have I mentioned the Glorp comics?) and an original Blue Snaggletooth drawing by Patrick Dean.  And that's pretty much it.  There were a lot of folks there I would have liked to have talked to and picked up their latest stuff but they had solid lines or crowds around them and I ran out of time.  And that's cool.  I'll pick up their stuff online or at the next show. I'm happy to see their audiences growing.  I was just on the convention floor on Saturday and honestly it was a bit overwhelming for me as a customer.  There was just so much to look at. My usual con strategy is to walk the floor once before I spend money but by the time I walked HeroesCon I was ready to lie down.  My kids picked up some cool stuff.  My nine year old got a hand made sword because why not.  My fourteen year old picked up some Gravity Falls stuff and some rad buttons and stickers.  Thankfully, comics is currently in a place where there are some fantastic female creators working on books accessible to teens and some of my daughter's favorite lady creators were at the show.  I think it's the first show where my daughter had specific artists she wanted to seek out.  She left the show inspired and literally knocked out a new minicomic in the month following. (More on that in a future post.)
    We also checked out the art auction. I was a bit underwhelmed by the art on display. Most of it appeared to be work done on the floor that day as opposed to some of the bigger more ambitious works I've seen there in the past. That said, Jared Cullum's giant Fantastic Four at HeroesCon painting was amazing and as good as anything I've ever seen at the show.  It went for around $7,000 bucks if I remember correctly.  A lot of my pals are friends with Jared so there were a lot of proud beaming faces in the Westin lobby and bar that Saturday night.

    A photo posted by Shannon Smith (@sandfarmer) on

    Speaking of which, the main attraction of HeroesCon for me is getting to hang out with all my pals.  
    It was super great to see my former Atlanta bro doggers Brad McGinty and Josh Latta (and Erin of course, Hi Erin!).  Brad helped me with my first minicomic in 2002 and I've been sharing table space and hotel rooms with Brad and Josh for years now.  We all lived in the Atlanta area back in those days but have since all moved to different states so Heroes Con is about the only time we end up under the same roof now.
    Also super great to see all my other pals that I see slightly more frequently, Patrick Dean, Robert Newsome, Rich Tommaso, J. Chris Campbell, Duane Ballenger, Rob Ullman, Adam and Shawn Daughhetee, all the Dollar Bin bros, Heather and Seth Peagler and all the HeroesCon staff, my man Jeremy Massie (who I live about 30 minutes from but see at comics shows more than I do in the wild), Matt Smith, all the folks I'm too lazy to list, all the folks I saw but didn't get to speak to but just waved and said "hey man!" to... everyone.  Everyone that has every lived.  I was super happy to see them and/or missed them terribly. 

      A photo posted by Shannon Smith (@sandfarmer) on
    • I was a guest a RobCon at Viking Hall in Bristol TN, this summer. The show was nice and packed with vendors and cosplayers but suffered some for being scheduled on the same weekend as neighboring Abingdon, VA's big summer festival.  I did well enough.  Sold original art and comics and my daughter Kassidy sold some art and her new minicomic Idea Box. I'll talk about Idea Box more on file under other once we print up more copies. 
    • A video posted by Shannon Smith (@sandfarmer) on
      A photo posted by Shannon Smith (@sandfarmer) on
    • Because I'm a super successful and popular comics creator in high demand, I had another apperance on the same weekend as RobCon.  I was a guest at Saint Paul, VA's Friends of the Library Cooks and Books event.  This is an annual fundraiser where area authors and area cooks are set up outside to sell books, eat food and drink wine and beer. It's pretty great.  The music was mostly Huey Lewis and the News so that's a major win for any getogether. I did well and the library picked up some of our comics for their shelves. 
    • So, at this point in the post I've typed about a half million words about myself and my friends.  It's fine.  But maybe you want news?  Maybe you want the hard hitting critical analysis of the state of the comics industry at this exact moment?  Maybe I'll do that next week. This post was essentially a housekeeping post, we'll get back to the real nitty gritty soon.  But before I do I do have to acknowledge the redcent birthdays of comics titans Jack Kirby and Gene Colan. August 26th was also the birthdy of my father David Smith.  He would have been 67.  He's with me ever day.
    • And finally... Let's check in on our old pal Francis.  Gotta catch 'em all Francis.

    • Remember pals, life is hard.  Read comics every day, chew Glorp every day and you'll keep on livin' until your dead. 

    Your best pal ever,

    Shannon Smith

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