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25 May 2010

You should probably get your HeroesCon tickets by May 31st.

Over at the HeroesCon blog they have announced that folks that order three day passes before 9pm on May 31 will get a signed and numbered copy of the above art my Mike MignolaYou should probably go do that.  I would do it myslef if team fuo were not already a guest.  Hurry.  I don't think I've ever talked about Mignola here at fuo before because I don't think he's made a minicomic in a while (or maybe ever) but, I really like his stuff and he's super nice.  From my experience, his con table usually has a line to the back of the room from open to close so getting this print locked down ahead of time might save you a lot of trouble.

Your best pal ever
Shannon Smith

(* Team fuo= Shannon Smith and his pants.)
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