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04 May 2010

One month until HeroesCon 2010.

(Photo by Dustin Harbin stolen from a HeroesCon 09 flickr deck.)
HeroesCon, the last great American Comic-Con takes place in Charlotte NC on June 4th through the 6th.  I'm planning on being there and I suggest you plan on it also if you live anywhere near enough to make the trip.  I've been several times and it's just a totally great show.  I'm a lifelong comics fan and this is the one show that satisfies all my comics tastes from mainstream superhero stuff all the way down to some kid that's showing off his first minicomic.  Shelton Drum, Dustin Harbin and friends do a fantastic job of hosting a guest list that contains some of the most relevant current creators and veteran legends.  I will be there as guest on Indie Island but I'll also be there as fan hoping that I'll be able to see everyone I want to see within three days.  Just go check out the guest list.  Amazing right?  (I think I'm most excited about Jill Thompson being there.)
HereosCon is very laid back and friendly.  If you are a comics creator it is a great show to mingle and "network" with you peers.  I learn a lot and get a lot of inspiration at every show.  Charlotte is also a really lovely city to be in over a summer weekend.  There are several good restaurants withing walking distance of the convention center and hotels and the streets are clean and feel safe.  The people are super nice and I've always felt at home there. 
If you are going to be there please drop by the Indie Island and say hi.  If you make comics and would like them reviewed here at file under other then feel free to bring me a copy at the show.  I'll do my best to write about every book given to me at the show.  I hope to see you there.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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