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01 June 2010

Check out the Kickstarter for Good Minnesotan 4.

This is not really a review but rather a recommendation to check out the Kickstarter for a book before it actually exists based on my previous enjoyment of the Good Minnesotan books.  I have a copy of the preview addition of Good Minnesotan 4.  It will probably be after HeroesCon before I can give it the review it deserves but I will say that it looks great. I love the little box of books idea and I'm a big fan of several of the contributors.  I think this is a project worth getting in on as a comics customer.  If you don't have any of the Good Minnesotan books yet then I suggest getting in at a level where you will also get one of the previous issues.  I don't want to tell anyone how to spend their money but if you like good comics in a really cool package then I feel safe in saying that you will get your money's worth from the Good Minnesotan folks.

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