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14 April 2010

I command you to go to Fluke.

(David Mack's Fluketastic cover for Flagpole.) 

I feel like I have not done enough this year to bully everyone into going to the Fluke show this Saturday. Maybe that is because I can not go. Yes, devastatingly sad but true. The powers of darkness have aligned and are preventing me from attending for the first time in many years.  (I won't forget this Satan.  You'd better watch your back fool.)
But that is no reason that YOU should not go.  In fact, you should double go.  They only charge $5 at the door but you should pay $10, get two copies of the anthology book and mail me one.  Because, how can there be peace in the middle east if I don't have a copy of the new Fluke anthology.  There can't.  That's how.
Seriously, if you love alt/indie/mini/web/zine/underground/other/comics/comix/diy/home/ make/junk etc. and you live in the southeaster United States of America Planet Earth then you can't not go.  Or you yes can should will go.  This is too important for grammar.  If you have never been and don't know what it is all about then visit the website which may or may not answer questions.  The show is in a new location this year so everyone needs to take pictures and email them too me.
Here is a look at the cover of the anthology you get with the price of admission. Sweet huh?
And here is a composite of some of the stuff in the book. Wow huh?

Reading comics and creating comics are very much solitary activities.  They can be soul crushingly so at times.  I firmly believe that anyone that makes or loves comics should do whatever they can to mingle with other like minded folks as often as possible.  So whether it be Fluke or whatever zine/comics/fest/show is nearest to you in your part of the world, get up and go.  

 Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith
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