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19 April 2010

Fluke 2010

I was not able to attend Fluke this past Saturday but Henry Eudy was awesome enough to send me the following report:

The area at Cine' really didn't seem that much bigger than Tasty World, only maybe more open since there wasn't a bar or pool table taking up space. They packed two rows of six foot tables in with tables circling around the sides as well. Seemed like about the same amount of people showing comics, maybe a few more. The area was much better lit than Tasty World and the traffic around the room maybe moved a little better. There was ample room out in the lobby for people to congregate and read and not clog up the floor. There was also beer and popcorn on hand, of which many partook. 

I picked up a sketchbook collection from Eleanor Davis but didn't see anything new from Drew Weing. Got several books by David Mack at their booth that I really liked, especially one called "Wolf City." I haven't read Josh Latta's new Rashy Rabbit book, but it looks great. He was also super friendly and went around and talked to a lot of people. J. Chris Campbell's table was packed to whole show and I never did see if he had anything new. Sally Bloodbath had a new book called "Never Jump in a Lone Leaf Pile" that she tells me is her first foray into writing fiction. It's kind of a fable, I think she's preparing it for Jaberwocky. Matt Wiegle had a ton of awesome books and I finally bought a copy of the hilarious "Is it Bacon?" Joey Weiser's new "Mermin" comic is really great and a joy to read. I actually ended up with more minis at this show than at any other, ever. Lot of good stuff. There was a guy named Nate Marsh who had these faux biology books called "The Obscure Animal Compendium" which look very much in the vein of Dave Eggers' McSweeney's stuff and with lovely illustrations that look completely legit. I'm excited to give them a reed. A lot of the SCAD kids had some great stuff that made me jealous that I'm such an old man. I tabled next to Tait Howard who I had met last year and he had some pretty interesting books made in a really unorthodox manner. Like with weird covers that he seems to have made from cut up magazines and pamphlets. Interesting stuff.

Business was really brisk almost the whole day, and I either sold or traded 44 books. A new record for me. All in all, a really great day and maybe one of the best conventions I've ever attended. I, unfortunately did not take a lot of pictures, but what I did take I'll add to my Flickr account later today and you're welcome to grab them if you like.

Henry Eudy

Thanks Henry!

From looking at the photos and posts I've seen around the web it looks like the new location is a really nice venue for this sort of show.  It looks like the crowd was big and folks brought a lot of good looking books.  I hate to have missed it.  Next year!
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I'm not sure if that is a microscope, a comic making device or a bong.  But knowing Mr. Latta like I do, I'm sure it's all three.  

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith 
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