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14 April 2010

Cat Burglar Black by Richard Sala

Cat Burglar Black by Richard Sala.
128 page full color paperback graphic novel.
Published by First Second.
$16.99 retail. 

I found this book in the kid's section when I took my girls to the library.  My eight year old daughter and I both read it and we liked it a lot.  Sala's art is vibrant and exciting.  A perfect blend of creepy and cartoony.  The colors and lettering are really great.  My daughter also commented on the colors.  She as asked me if I though it was painted and I explained that sometimes comics can be painted.  
I'm an old geezer so to me the characters were a bit cliche' and the plot was predictable but the book is not really for old geezers.  It's for kids.  But I liked it plenty.  I think readers of any age can enjoy escaping into Sala's world for a while.  The story is a mystery thriller with a strong female lead so my daughter loved it.  She is very much hoping that there will be a sequel.  The book does read like a set up for an ongoing series.  (Aren't all kid's books series now?)  If there is a sequel I would definitely want to read it.
Between my years working in bookstores and my library trips I've had the good fortune of reading a lot of First Second books.  They always look great and I can only think of one that I did not enjoy.  They do a great job of getting them in libraries.  I just have to remember to check the kid's section more often.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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