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25 April 2013

Top 10 actors that should play Daredevil in the next Marvel movie.

It was announced/mentioned this week that yes, the film rights to Daredevil have returned to Marvel.  Therefore it's time to get serious about some link baiting fan speculation on who should be the next Daredevil actor.  My cat Our crack team of pop culture experts has but together the following list so that you don't have to.

10.  That guy from that Homeland show.
Pros: Is a talented actor with red hair and looks exactly like Matt Murdoch.
Cons:  Already played Captain America in Band of Brothers.
Likelihood: 4%

9.  Louis C.K.
Pros:  Has red hair.
Cons:  Not a lot of it.
Likelihood:  17%

8.  Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Pros:  Has red hair.  Has is own super hero like race car driver fire suits and helmets.  Once won a race in a car with Batman painted on the hood.
Cons:  Hollywood could not afford him.
Likelihood:  8%

7.  Sheamus.
Pros:  Has red hair.
Cons:  Sheamus sucks.
Likelihood: 48%

6.  Christina Hendricks
Pros:  Has red hair.  Is Christina Hendricks.
Cons:  Not a man.
Likelihood: 73%

5.  Prince Harry of Wales.
Pros: Has red hair.  Probably has Kung Fu Grip.
Cons:  I don't think he is an American.
Likelihood: 2%

4.  President Barack Obama
Pros:  Irish.
Cons:  Not Catholic.
Likelihood: 26%
Pros:  Has red hair.  Has superpowers far beyond Daredevil's wildest dreams.
Cons:  Apparently no long exists thanks to Vince McMahon.
Likelihood: 4%

Pros:  Once dyed his hair red.
Cons:  None.
Likelihood:  100%

1.  Walton Goggins
Pros:  Best actor on the planet.
Cons:  Does not have red hair.
Likelihood: 0%

So there you have it.  Do you have thoughts and ideas and opinions?  Well, they are wrong.  But, you can still share them on the new official file under other message board.  Tell us what you think!

(And by us I mean me and imaginary government internet police that monitor this site.)

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith
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