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15 April 2013

The fuo Fluke 2013 report by Adam Casey.

The FLUKE That Was.

Adam Casey here, reporting on behalf of file under other. I can say that I had the best comics (mini or otherwise) in all of FLUKE and that I’m the bestest ever.

Wait. Shannon, I have to write more than that? And be truthful? FINE. Put down the crowbar, I’ll type it out for real.


From this reporter’s perspective, attendance at FLUKE this year was on par with previous years, both in terms of exhibitors and attendees. The lay out was modified slightly from previous years with lack of “end caps” on the rows which anyone who has had to sit in the corner of (i.e. me) can tell you, it ain’t the best seating arrangement to be had.
 This year featured an appearance by Chris Schweizer who always had a gaggle of people around his table. I mean ALWAYS. There were less people lined up to kiss the new Pope’s ring on Easter than there were waiting to bask in Schweizer’s awesomeness.

Also present was Rich Tommaso, signing his stellar output of work. Seriously, the guy is a siiiiick cartoonist. That’s right, five “i”s. Deal with it.

Representing the ATL Mafia was Jackie Lewis, Cara McGee, and Catie Donnelly. I might be missing other Atlanta residents, but being from North Carolina, all Georgians look alike. (Sorry. Not Sorry.)
 Some people that I know are from Georgia are the organizers of FLUKE, Patrick Dean and Robert Newsome. They are fine and dandy gents (but not dandies. Don’t call Robert that. I learned the hard way.) who put on a stellar show. Robert seemed to be the enforcer, running around making things happen. Tables need adjusting? He’s your guy. Oh, we need more chairs? Robert already has them in his hands. Want to see somebody burn his mouth on some fries from Clocked? Watch Robert eat! 
Another Georgian was my tablemate, Jordan Mooney. While not a Georgia native, he now calls Savannah home where he makes the best coffee in Savannah, and maybe all of Georgia at Foxy Loxy. This was Jordan’s first time exhibiting, but you may have traded with him at past shows for his mini-comic The A-to-Z Guide To Dispatching Your Enemies.

Joey Weiser was there with his new slick Mermin color graphic novel from Oni Press along with the Spongebob Comics he has contributed to.
 Former Georgian(?)… Indianan? Indian? DAVID YODER, STOP BEING A NOMAD! Anyways, David Yoder was there. His stuff is always a hoot and a half. 
South Carolina had representatives in the form of J. Chris Campbell, who was exhibiting with his neat stencil prints, and non-exhibitors Adam and Shawn Daughhetee who graciously gave up their table so Rich Tommaso could sign books. They’re good people.

Indiana native Kyle Starks was at FLUKE with his wrasslin’ graphic novel The Legend of Ricky Thunder. You might have seen this up on Kickstarter, and if you threw money his way, you’ve done so wisely. It’s a sharp book so be on the look out for it. 
I’m not certain if he had a table, but Scott Stripling was walking around trading his mini-comics Shock ‘N’ Awww…(about the seedy back stage initiation of Roddy Piper into the wrestling community [and it involves Ric Flair, so I can’t be certain if this did happen, which it may have, but you’re better off not Googling the contents if you get this mini.]) and an untitled one that channels Jack Kirby by way of Brendan McCarthy.
 For this reporter, the best deal to be had was the mini-comics from Nora and Price Colussy-Esties, titled We’re Spies?! and Diary Of A Werewolf respectively. At 50 cents a piece, they were a bargain, and they were awesome. We’re Spies?! is more of a chapbook (with two parts completed) whereas Diary is more of an illustrated story and it ends on a cliffhanger. UGH. It’d be okay with me if Price stayed home from school for a day or two so part two can go ahead and be unleashed. I’ll write him a doctor’s note.

Speaking of value, one person had a sign saying that you could pay less with BitCoin. I guess they’re from the Star Trek future or something, in which case, please don’t mess up the time stream. KTHXBI.

All in all, a great show, awesome venue, and neat books down every row. If you’re within driving distance of Athens (and not there for the UGA football game which made parking and eating at area restaurants AWFUL), then I recommend blocking out some time for FLUKE.

Now, shout outs:

And that’s the way it is.
Adam Casey's resume includes being a previous Punt, Pass, and Kick champion of Johnston County, North Carolina, playing with a bunch of vacuum cleaners with the screenwriter of "Pacific Rim", and watching all 7 seasons of The West Wing in one month. He doodles at and retweets your rebloggings of repins on Twitter at @adamccasey.

Thanks Adam!

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