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21 January 2015

I read a bunch of my daughter's comics.

I buy a lot of comics.  A lot of them are for my kids.  Luckily they have pretty good taste in comics.  The sad thing is that I read the comics they get before I read the ones I get for myself.  (And then my comics accumulate into a giant tower as pictured above.)  See, I don't get to keep their comics.  I can always read my comics on my death bed or whatever but I gotta read their comics before they turn them into pocketbooks and post them on Pintrest or whatever it is kids do with things these days.

(Is Pintrest still a thing?  I got an ello invite a while back and never found the time to read the email.)

Where were we?  Oh yeah, comics. I read a bunch of my daughter's comics recently.  Here are some words about them.

Doctor Who
All three of the new comics from Titan by Nick Abadzis, Elena Casagrande, Al Ewing, Rob Williams, Simon Fraser, Robbie Morrison, Dave Taylor and a whole bunch of other people.
Published by Titan.  $3.99.

My daughter is super into Doctor Who.  (And I am too kinda.)  We started reading some of the IDW Doctor Who comics a year or so ago and like most IDW comics they were pretty good if not super over produced.  I was skeptical about the franchise moving from IDW to Titan but these new Titan Doctor Who comics look and feel almost exactly like the IDW books.  Paper and production that are almost too good.  Colors that are almost too slick.  Writing and drawing that are fine enough.  There are three of these things.  One series for the 10th Doctor, one for the 11th and now one for the 12th.  Each writer does a fine job of capturing their Doctor's personality and dialog and each artist does a solid job of capturing their mannerisms.  I like most of the stories so far.  These comics get to go off into some 2000 AD directions you don't see on TV.  The art can be inconsistent but I enjoy it, especially the Dave Taylor work on the 12th doctor book.  It is lovely sci-fi drawing with some Brendan McCarthy-esque colors as well. Of the three serieses I'd say the 12th Doctor comic is the best.  My main complaint with these things is do we really need three Doctor Who comics at $3.99 each.  How about one comic each month at $4.99.  Instead of 20 ish pages of each doctor each month, give me 8 ish pages of each doctor in one magazine style book.  Maybe even throw in a random "Classic" Doctor story as well?  Maybe even hire me to write one of the things.  Hell, I'd buy two copies of that issue.
Oh, one other complaint:  Titan, give me digital codes in the print comics so I can also read these on my iPad.  Ask Marvel and Comixology how.  Do it!  Do it now!

Edge of Spider-Verse No. 2:  Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman
By Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi, Clayton Cowles and some other people.
Published by Marvel. $3.99

This is one of the more visually exciting comics I've read in a bit.  Robbi Rodriquez draws with every one's clothes and hair in motion and his action layouts force the eye to the point of impact with great speed.  Rico Renzi's colors really pop off the page and his pallet choices are bold and vibrant.  There are very few tricks and gimmicks in Renzi's colors.  Mostly flats with out any of the garbage effects everyone uses.  Just great choices.  Choices that would probably sound insane if you were to explain them without showing them.  "Yeah, I'm gonna have hot pink on top of electric green in this panel but trust me, it's gonna work." -Something imaginary Renzi said to imaginary Latour and Rodriguez while imaginary coloring the book.  It looks fantastic.  And it's full of some neat ideas.  In this Spider-Man variant universe whatever, Gwen Stacy got bit instead of Pete Parker and it sets up totally different dynamics with her police officer father and her female friends that you don't get in the regular Spider-Man books.  And that costume, I mean c'mon guys, that costume is sharp.  I'd buy more of these.  Hey Marvel, make more of these.  (They are totally making more of these.)

Gotham Academy No. 1
By Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl, Geyser, Dave McCaig, Steve Wands and some other people.
Published by DC Comics. $2.99.

Ugh.  Aww jeeze.  This one was a slog to get through.  Like reading a mud puddle.  I really should not have read this after reading that exciting Spider-Gwen comic.  This thing, man this thing.  Let's start with the colors by "Geyser with Dave McCaig".  Maybe it should have been colored by just Geyser or just Dave McCaig because one of the two did way too much coloring.  Maybe Karl Kerschl did some good drawing in this thing but I'll never know because all I can see is various shapes of split pea soup and refried beans. And the writing.  Gawd.  This thing is full of words all of which you've read a gagillion times.  This book really lost me on page one with the total imagination vacuum of protagonist monologue captions. "Every stone has a story  ...but not every story has a happy ending."  You know what, either get on with the story or let's skip to the sad ending folks. "This is my life.."  No kid, this is the life of every freaking young adult character ever.  Get over it.  Please God oh please make Batman show up by page 4 of this thing and punch somebody in the neck. I counted the pages and absolutely nothing happens in the first eleven pages of this comic.  This comic is not for me.  And look, most comics published since about 1987 have been published specifically for ME.  I'm cool with somebody not Shannon Smith being pandered too.  Really, go make your young adult fiction comics.  Pretend Bruce Wayne went to Hogwarts.  Whatever you think it is that the youngs need.  Just make them good.  Go read Richard Sala and figure it out.  Jeeziz.  Can we not just pay Richard Sala a bunch of money to pretend that Cat Burglar Black took place in Gotham and re-launch that as an ongoing comic?  Seriously, whatever it takes.

New Suicide Squad No. 1.
By Sean Ryan, Jeremy Roberts, Bond, Taylor Esposito and some other people.
Published by DC Comics.  $2.99.

This is a re-launch of the New 52 re-launch of the Suicide Squad.  Have you read it?  No.  Close your eyes and imagine what this comic looks and reads like.  Okay, that is exactly what this comic looks and reads like.  Like most of the New 52 stuff outside of the Batman, Superman and Green Lantern books, this thing looks and reads like 2000s Image.  And not the good Image.  This looks like the Top Cow image.  Which is terrible.  My daughter wanted this because she is super into Harley Quinn and Duela Dent.  (They call Duela Dent "Joker's Daughter" in the New 52 but she's Duela Dent and she's been around longer than you have.)  Duela and Harley aver very fun characters but there is nothing fun about this comic.  Sure it's full of video game violence if you are into that but where are the jokes?  Where is the madness?  I think (I could be wrong) but I think this is the first time New 52 Harley and New 52 Duela get together.  That should have been magic.  But, not a lot of writers get Harley and Duela in the New 52.  Jimmy Palmiotti does.  Go read Ame-Comi girls.  It's the best comic DC has published in the New 52 era.  Duela Dent shines in that thing.  This is not that thing.  This is not very good.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl No. 1.
By Ryan North, Erica Henderson, Rico Renzi and some other people.
Published by Marvel.  $3.99

Loved every panel of this comic.  Great script, great character design and drawing, vibrant colors, talking squirrel... what else you want?  Every thing I said about Renzi's color on the Spider-Gwen book applies here as well.  Ryan North really has this smart comics for kids thing figured out.  I've read about 100 thousand of his Adventure Times comics and I don't want him dead yet so that's pretty darn good.  Love Henderson's Kraven the Hunter in this.  The plot?  Eh, who cares?  She's going to college or whatever.  It's a girl with a squirrel tail and a talking squirrel sidekick.  Who even cares what they are doing as long as they are doing it with jokes?  The kids, they love the jokes.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

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15 May 2014

I drove 628 miles round trip to buy your minicomic: The 2014 fuo Fluke report.

This is Fluke. (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

(EDITOR'S NOTE:  I started writing this soon after Fluke but then I got busy with work that pays me money.  Sorry.  As much as I'd love to spend all day creating "content" for you to share with your mom on Facebook, I gotta get paid. The kids gotta have their My Little Ponies.)

Fluke is a mini-comics and zine festival that takes place in Athens GA USA every spring.  I love it.  I think this is year twelve of the show.  I think I've been to maybe seven of them?  I like it so much that when I don't go I have Henry Eudy drop in by parachute to write a report about it for file under other.  (Or maybe he drives there?  I forget logistics.)  The point that I am trying to make with this opening paragraph is that Fluke is great.  I love it.  You love it.  We love it. 

I love Fluke so much that I requested to have off from work the Friday before the show months in advance so that I could drive down before the show and enjoy Athens.  This request was denied.  So, I had to leave after work and drive in the rain all Friday night showing up in town sometime in the Saturday AM.  Same as always.

The way you (and by you, I mean I) get to Athens GA from southwest VA is to drive to Kingsport, TN then get on Interstate 26 and take it through the Carolinas then on into Georgia.  I'd like to take a moment to talk with you about the abomination that is Interstate 26.  

I once read a book about traveling through Mongolia and post Soviet Russia and how terrible the roads were.  As in there were not any roads.  I'm assuming it was a lot like Interstate 26.  Calling Interstate 26 an "interstate" is the most flattering lie I could direct at Interstate 26.  Interstate 26 is a nightmare.  It is driving for three hours on road so bumpy that you have to keep telling yourself over and over that you do not have a flat tire.  Yet.  How do people in North Carolina live like this?  If you drive that road more than once a week I assure you that you are living with a constant concussion and you are most likely brain damaged right now.  Brain damage being the only thing I can imagine that has prevented every single citizen of North Carolina from marching on their state capital and demanding that Interstate 26 be improved and/or just murdering everyone in the building. 

Sections of I-26 have sings that read "Future".  They have said this for years and years.  The future is never going to come to North Carolina.  I guess the future can't happen everywhere.

Eventually, I made it to Interstate 85 and headed on into Georgia.  Touching tires to asphalt on I-85 after hours on I-26 is like arriving at Disney World after a days long journey.  I can only imagine what it must feel like for pilgrims to arrive at Mecca but I'm guessing the elation is much like that moment when you realize that all of I-26 is behind you. 

This concludes the Interstate Highway System review portion of the report. 

Around 12:20 or 1:30 AM (some time with a 30 in it) I finally arrived that the home of cartoonist extraordinaire and Fluke organizer Patrick Dean.  Patrick had graciously offered me couch space to I took him up on it as I am cheap and don't like sleeping outside. I presented my host with a collection of Werewolf by Night comics as is the custom.  Patrick gave me the tour of his lovely home.  He has some very impressive original art but I mainly looked at his kids' toys. We then talked about Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko for a while.  Again, as is the custom.

The next morning everyone got up and I met Patrick's wife and kids.  Patrick's son showed me his toys.  We had a nice breakfast and then it was time to get out there and make Fluke happen.  Patrick lives a few minutes outside of Athens and I enjoyed the drive into town.  The non-Atlanta parts of Georgia are very pretty.  Trees, ponds, ducks, covered bridges, Waffle Houses with giant bulldogs painted on the side... it's nice.
We went to Kroger and picked up a giant cake for the show.  As is the custom.

This is 40 Watt Club around 9 AM before the Fluking starts.

We got to the 40 Watt Club around 9 AM and met up with Fluke organizer, writer, editor, publisher, retired pod-caster and all round swell fellow Robert Newsome.  This is a good two hours before the show starts but there were already a few exhibitors waiting to get into the show.  Which is odd, because Fluke adopted a pre-show registration process last year so these guys knew they had a table.  But, who am I to question their enthusiasm?   I drove six hours in the rain.

At 9 AM on a Saturday, 40 Watt Club is an empty place.  It was strange to be in a bar in the AM and not be intoxicated.  I pressed on. Robert and Patrick's friends showed up to help set up for the show.  They included Joey Weiser, Michele Chidester, Drew Weing, David Mack and maybe some other people I apologize for forgetting.  In my mind, I call this group of people Athens Force and when I think the words "Athens Force" I see it in my mind in the font from the cover logo of  Atari Force.  They showed up to help load in the tables but the tables were not there yet.  Drama!
Not really.  The tables showed up a little while after 9:30.  We probably had them set up and ready for Fluking by 10.

Somewhere previously in that last paragraph, I should have mentioned that while we waited for the tables two fun things happened.  1) Patrick Dean went to Waffle House to get a knife to cut the Fluke Cake but he also bought and ate a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit because he felt it was the polite thing to do.
2)  Robert Newsome played with the Fluke megaphone.  Fluke has a megaphone.

This is Michele Chidester using sorceress powers to make a cake appear. (She did not really use sorceress powers to make it appear.  Patrick Dean bought it from a grocery store bakery. I saw it happen.  Both Michele and Patrick may have sorcery based powers but I'm pretty sure the cake was just eggs, flour, sugar and whatever else goes into cakes.  What does go into cakes?  I honestly have no idea.  (It's probably sorcery.)

This is the stage of 40 Watt Club.  Famous people have performed music on that stage.  I have never seen that happen.  I have seen people buy, trade and read minicomics and zines in a rock club though.

This is Robert Newsome harassing complete strangers with a Megaphone.  (He totally knows who those people are but the thought of him harassing strangers is funnier.)

 It was my understanding that the Earth revolves around the sun so the appearance of sunshine moving is just an illusion.  But, since these guys have an exact street address of where the sunshine has moved, I may be wrong.

Tables hungry for Fluking.

The line was backed up all the way to where the sunshine had moved.

At 10 AMish, exhibitors were allowed into the show to set up.  This is great because a lot of the exhibitors are my long time pals.  It only takes a few minutes to set up so that leaves some time to socialize.  As soon as Henry Eudy came through the door I flagged him down and asked if he wanted to share a table with me.  This is because I love him.
He said yes.
We used his cool Halloween skull tablecloth to cover our table.  It looked nice.

This is my table setup.  Kinda orange. 

After the tables were set up, the knife was acquired and Patrick ate his biscuit, the non-exhibitor patron type people were welcomed in at 11 AM and Fluke was on.

Also at 11 AM, 40 Watt Club's bar opened.  I believe I was the first customer.  I ordered Jim Beam with Ginger Ale.  Five bucks and a tip.  It was good. 

This is me making a face at Henry Eudy. (Image stolen from Henry Eudy.)

This is Henry Eudy (the world's most dangerous man) making a face at me.

 Robert Newsome.  The longest reigning The Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Zine World Heavyweight Champ of the modern era.

This is Robert Newsome yelling at my shoes with a megaphone.  (He is not really yelling at my shoes but, again, made up stuff is funnier.)  (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

Now there are people in Fluke doing Fluke things.  I see Rich Tommaso, J. Chris Campbell and Jason Horn.  We are doing Fluke y'all!   (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

This is Adam Daughhetee doing Adam Daughhetee things.  (Image stolen from Fluke.) 
Adam and Shawn Daughhetee had the new Dollar Bin comics zine thing and it looked great.  It contains an Adam Rose pin-up by me.  You should track them down and buy 12 copies. 

That is Eleanor Davis on the right being tall and awesome. (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

Yes, David Mack and Joey Weiser would like some cake. (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

Fluke does not have an awards show or panels.  Fluke has cake.  I think we started eating the cake around noon.  

It was probably also around noon that Patrick's wife showed up with more biscuits from Waffle House.  Patrick ate them.

Henry Eudy's cake kind of fell apart.  He cried for a while and then murdered all of us.  (No, he did not murder us.  But again, made up stuff is funny and murder is hilarious.)  (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

That is Adam Casey doing Adam Casey things. (Image stolen from Fluke.) 

 This is people Fluking.

The show had a good crowd.  All of the tables were sold out in one day of registration so we knew the room would be full.  I think the walk up non-cartoonist attendance was steady.  Not the most shoppers I've seen at Fluke but it was a rainy day and the day before Easter.  I didn't sell as much as I have in the past but a lot of the business you do at a show like this is with other cartoonists and I did not have anything new on my table that the folks that I already knew had not already picked up.  I was also out of what have been my two best selling comics so I guess I need to re-print those and finish some new stuff right now.

 Here is a picture I took from one of Henry Eudy's sketchbooks.  I think it is great.

Henry Eudy seemed to do very well.  Henry's table is a good example of my multiple price points philosophy in action.  Henry had small prints and comics in an affordable price range.  And his stuff looks great.  His bigger prints with their bold colors seemed to bring folks over and the smaller stuff gave them something to walk away with.

I didn't ask anyone about sales or numbers but Rich Tommaso seemed to be very busy.  He had a solid variety of Recoil books on his table.  The all look great.  Picking up some stuff from Rich was one of the main things on my to-do list.  So I did.

Other things on my to-do list included getting whatever Drew Weing and Eleanor Davis had to offer and getting anything that Patrick Dead had that I was missing from my collection.  I did those things and it was good.

I really was not focused on selling. I was mainly there to talk to my comics friends and see what was new.  I talked to J. Chris Campbell about Brad McGitny.  I talked to Rich Tommaso about Patrick Dean.  I talked to Drew Weing about Margo Maloo.  I talked to Robert Newsome about Jimmy Valiant.  I talked to a lot of people about wrestling.  A lot of people talked to me about how rad my Brad McGinty t-shirt was.  I regretted not talking as much as I wanted to to many other people.  (Sorry bros.  Get at me at HeroesCon.)

 This is Patrick Dean announcing that Fluke has cake for people to eat.  I really should have put this picture up above the pictures of people eating the cake but get your own blog and don't tell me what to do. Maybe try tumblr.  All the kids love tumblr.

Here are more Fluke people.  I'm pretty sure I've known everyone in this picture for about a decade but I don't know any of their names.  (I know some of their names but, again, comedy.)

Here is another picture that looks almost the same as the other pictures I took from behind my table.  Walking around and taking pictures honestly never occurred to me.  Professional photo journalists just stand in one spot and wait for something exciting to happen right?  Well, that's what I did.

The dude on the left is me and the dude on the right is my pal writer and former co-worker Todd O'Brien.  The last time I saw him was a previous Fluke show about 5 years ago.  He grew a beard.  And a hat.  Maybe he bought the hat.  I didn't ask.  Look, if anyone can grow a hat, it's that guy.

After Fluke we all went to the Bizzaro-Wuxtry comics shop.  As is the custom.  It is great.  You should go there.  They have at least one of everything.  Also, Devlin, the gentleman that runs the shop, bought copies of Fluke peoples' minicomic and zines to sell in the shop.  Go there now.  I several different minicomics on sell there right now.  Right now!

This is Robert Newsome playing with a Hulk toy at Bizzaro-Wuxtry.  I thought about cropping out that bending over dude's back but whatever.  When I put this picture on my facebook page it wanted me to "tag" all of those masks because it thought they were all real peoples' faces.  Ha hah hah!  The joke is on you Zuckerberg!  You may be worth a billion dollars but that website you "invented" that is just MySpace with the customization features turned off does not know the difference between a Sylvester the Cat mask and a human being!

We eventually left Bizzaro and headed out looking for some dinner.  I was super hungry having eaten only breakfast, cake and some tic-tacs.  Patrick was starving having only eaten at least breakfast, cake and three bacon egg and cheese biscuits.  Robert, Patrick, my pall Todd and I ended up at Yummy Pho where we found Rich Tommaso, his girlfriend and another fellow to whom I apologize for not remembering his name.  I ordered grilled pork.  It was great.  Robert and Patrick ordered these huge bowls of crazy Vietnamese noodles.  These bowls were the size of bowls you would use if you were going to make a large quantity of food that would then be served in several smaller bowls to several people.  They ate it all and did not die.  I was impressed.

Yummy Pho was very good and very affordable.  I recommend it.  I wish I was there eating right now. (Even though Robert Newsome thinks that adults should not say the word "yummy".  I kinda agree with him.  Maybe mothers can say the word yummy to their own children but a grown man should probably never say it unless talking specifically about a Vietnamese restaurant with the word "yummy" in its name or Chester Brown comics.)

This is a picture of the stuff I got at Fluke.  Actually, I got other things but those were for my kids and they took those things before I took this picture. 

After dinner and a stop in a record store (it was record store day) it was time to say my sad farewells and head back to Virginia.  Huge enormous thank-yous to Patrick Dean and his family for having me.  Thanks to Robert and everyone else for hanging out and having a swell time.  I miss you all already.  Let's do it again. 

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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28 March 2014

Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 03282014

(Star Wars issue 103 published by Marvel in 1985.  Cover art by Cynthia Martin.  Stolen from ComicVine.)

Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 01052014 01132014 01192014 01222014  03282014

"To hell with every greedhead operator who flocked here throughout history because you wanted what we had, but wanted us to go underground and get it for you.  To hell with you for offering above-average wages in a place filled with workers who’d never had a decent shot at employment or education, and then treating the people you found here like just another material resource—suitable for exploiting and using up, and discarding when they’d outlived their usefulness.  To hell with you for rigging the game so that those wages were paid in currency that was worthless everywhere but at the company store, so that all you did was let the workers hold it for a while, before they went into debt they couldn’t get out of."  -Eric Waggoner speaking on the situation in West Virginia and/or the situations the majority of Americans are living in right this second.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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29 December 2013

Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 12292013

(Doctor Who issue 12 from 1985.  Cover art Dave Gibbons, I assume.  Stolen from ComicVine.)

Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 12292013:

"Nobody said anything interesting this week for me to quote here." -Shannon Smith

  • Hello brothers and sisters.  Christmas is done and New Year's to go.  Christmas was... not as awful as it could have been.  This was the first Christmas for my family without both by father and my uncle.  That is two major absences from the family Christmas dinner but children do a lot to fill that void.  It was alright.  
  • Here is some stuff I got.  (I am an adult.)

  • How was your Christmas?  Grab a sharpie and the most recent comic book you bought and write a list of everything Santa brought you on the back of the comic.  Mail the comic to 16624 Lee Street, Saint Paul, VA 24283.  (I will not mail you anything.)
  • My kids did have nice Christmas and they did get a lot of nice things.  We also got some quality Lego time in.  My favorite thing in the world to do is not go to work.  I got to not go to work for several days.  I also watched a lot of Doctor Who.  Mostly Doctors 3, 4 and 10.  Read some Doctor Who comics on Comixology too.  Not working, Doctor Who and Legos ain't a bad holiday.
  • This year's Doctor Who Christmas special was terrible by the way.  Maybe the worst Moffat episode ever.  I liked the bit with Clara and her family but that was about it.  The actors were fine and enjoyable but that script/plot... yikes.  Total catastrophe.
  • I cant' stop listening to that dumb Tame Impala song.
  • Not a lot of news this week or at least not a lot that I had time to pay attention to.  Mostly end of the year wrap up stuff like this one at The Comics Journal.
  • SPX is going to a lottery format for the tables at its next show.  Details here.  There was some worry in the the reactions from some folks but it makes sense to me.  It had basically already been a lottery for the past few years.  Would your check get there before they were sold out?  Would you get the website to work before they sold out?  At least the playing field is more level now.  I hope to be there. 
  • Aw Jeeze.  Now they will never stop breeding. 
  • This Jack Davis tumblr has a lot of great stuff on it.
  • I've never read Copra because I don't think I've ever been within a hundred miles of a copy of it but, it sure does sound neat-o
  • This Wook Jin Clark Megagogo art looks fantastic. 
  • There is a new issue of The Atomic Elbow out so you are going to want to buy that. 
  • And finally..."I did not choose the candy life, the candy life chose me."
Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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22 December 2013

Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 12212013

(Masters of the Universe No. 46 (UK) .  Stolen from James Eatock.)

Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, comic books, graphic novels, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 12212013:

"Cartoon Network gravy train is a bit closer to those little handcarts where you pump the handle up and down and roll down the track behind the gravy train. It's a cool replacement for a lame dayjob, but from what I've been told the pay's about the same. All things considered, I'd rather be back in the David Heatley days than wait for Adventure Time/Regular Show/Steven Universe to save us all." -Sean T. Collins.

  • Merry Christmas everybody.  And if you don't celebrate Christmas then, Merry Christmas!  And I don't mean that to be antagonistic or as a way to try and convert you to my religion.  I mean it exactly for what it is.  A greeting in the tradition of the customs in which I was raised and live.  It means that I wish you and yours good health, good fortune, merriment and joy this season.  If you or anyone from any culture, language or faith would greet me with well wishes in your own custom I would accept it graciously and appreciate your kind thoughts.  Respecting the customs of another human being does not mean that you embrace those customs or that you have been submissive to them.  I just means that for about a half a second, you mustered up the human strength to be polite to someone that was trying to be polite to you.  It's pretty easy.  Shalom.  Merry Christmas. 
  • Robert Newsome over at Second Period Industries has prepared some Christmas music for you to download and enjoy.  Also, he let The Robot host his most recent podcast and it is a little bit scary. 
  • It is the holidays so that means the Holiday Spurge is rolling out his holiday interview series faster than I can read them.  So far I have very much enjoyed the Paul Pope and Sean Collins/Joe Mculloch interviews. 
  • I don't know that I've ever read an Ed Luce comic but the stuff in this Rob Clough piece looks interesting. 
  • Chip Zdarsky has a hilarious hobby and this Sex Criminals cover is magical. 
  • Frank Santoro put together a list of best of lists from 2006 to 2012 because that is the kind of thing Frank Santoro does. 
  • Sparkplug could use your patronage. 
  • It is ridiculous how good Boulet is
  • The great Sam Henderson talked to CBR
  • This week, a great many comics folk learned how to spell LaBeouf. I think the guy stealing from a Picturebox about page is twice as strange as him stealing from a comic to make a movie.  We give people Academy Awards for stealing from a comic to make a movie.  (Seriously people, Diablo Cody straight up used the Dan Clowes/Terry Zwigoff screenplay from Ghost World to write Juno and they gave her a freaking Oscar!  Of course Shia LaBeouf would steal.  The Academy practically commands you to!  Jeez-Its people.)
  • This is literally the first best of list I've read this year where I thought, yeah, some of that stuff is pretty good. 
  • Fluke really is awesome and it will also be on April 19th at the 40 Watt next year. 
  • I hope someone is keeping score.  I'm starting to lose track. 
  • I'm hopeful that all of Pussy Riot will be freed and will be able to live normal quality lives. But the only way I'll watch the Olympics is if Pussy Riot plays the opening ceremonies.  (After which, I will immediately stop watching the Olympics.)
  • And finally..."ones for guns, I know at one, and the other's for whenever you're shootin' off your guns you can say whatever you want". 
Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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