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05 September 2012

11 comics I liked in 2011: Part 3 : Brad McGinty's "Wysteria"

EDITORS NOTE: I'm over "best of" lists.  I came to the realization that I personally only read them to see if the list agrees with my opinions and if it does not then I instantly forget about it.  I assume that I'm not the only one that sees them this way.  So instead of a meaningless list I am posting a series of eleven individual reviews of comics I liked in 2011.  These comics will be reviewed in no particular order.  It was not my intention to wait until late in the year 2012 to post about these 11 comics but, events occurred.  Thank you for your patience.  Thanks for reading.

Wysteria by Brad McGinty
Hand crafted hardcover graphic novel.  Currently SOLD OUT but you could probably go to McGinty's site and nag him about a second printing.  

Part of the reason for this series of "11 comics I liked in 2011" was to write reviews of some of the great stuff from 2011 that I did not have time to talk about.  Wysteria, however is a book I did talk about.  I reviewed it in its original minicomic form here and I talked about how much I loved the hand bound hardback version here last year.  But I can't honestly talk about my favorite stuff from 2011 without mentioning it.  The book has been in a bookcase in my kitchen since I got it and I pull it out and look at it all the time.  It is a wonderful collection of amazing story art that I can stare at again and again.
But don't take my word for it.  You can currently read it online for free.
Another great thing Brad did in 2011 was the American Christmas Devil Kaiju Xmas Card.  I got some cards myself and sent them to family.  They were a big hit. But it also gave us the funniest blog post I read in 2011.
Thanks for that Brad. 

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

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