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25 November 2010

file under fundraiser update BLACK FRIDAY EDITION

Hi pals.  Thanks to everyone that has supported the file under fundraiser.  My previous updates are kind of scatterbrained so let me simplify things.  The point is that for me to be able to afford the time it takes to make fuo the site it should/could/will be I need to be able to afford to live.  There are five ways you can help and none of them require making a donation.

1)  Support file under other.  Hey, that's easy.  You are doing that right now.  Believe it or not file under other does generate ad revenue.  Every page view and click through helps.  So please bookmark this page and check back daily if you can.  If you use a blog/news reader then please subscribe. You will see a Subscribe to posts link at the top of the page.
If you look at the ad banners on this site you will notice that most of them are for webcomics.  I have discovered a lot of good webcomics through those ads so yeah, click on them and check those websites out.  The ads that mention Project Wonderful underneath them make money for fuo.  You get to help fuo and read good webcomics at the same time.
2) Spread the word.  If you look at the bottom of each post there are options for sharing the post.  If you like what you have read then please do that.  I have also started a file under other community page at facebook.  In the left hand column of this webpage there is a button to "like" fuo.  You should do that.  Do you Reddit or Digg or any of that junk?  That stuff is over my head but if you do, then ya know, do that too.  Are you a twitter person?  Me too!  What a cowinkydink.  My twitter name is Shannon_Smith so you should follow me and junk.  Anytime I post something at fuo I will update it on twitter and you can re-tweet it and do that junk.  It will be so fantastic! I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it!       
3) Buy my stuff on eBay.  I have posted several items from my comics and toy collections on eBay.  The starting bids are insanely cheap. I will continue to add items each week so check back.  Go here to see the current list.
4) Buy minicomics.  Supplies are limited.  Go here to see what is left. 
5) Buy original art. I've been selling original pages from my comics as well as original custome art.  The original drawings I do are perfect for framing and make great Christmas gifts.  Check that out here.
Thanks pals.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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