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23 July 2010

Good Minnesotan Number 4

Published by 2D Cloud.
120 + page boxed comics anthology featuring many contributors.
Edited by Raighne and Megan Hogan.

For this forth (and allegedly final, sob) edition of the Good Minnesotan anthology the 2D Cloud gang decided to make a box of comics.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, what's better than a box of comics?  Nothing. Nothing is better than a box of comics. The box is really lovely.  The scan at the top of the post does not do it justice. The height and weight is about the size of an index card as are the four minicomics inside.  Each mini comic is about 20ish pages long with it's own lovely cover (pictured above).  I've talked about the Good Minnesotan folks for the past few years and honestly each of the previous editions has been one of my favorite comics from each year it was released.  Like Kramers Ergot or Mome, Good Minnesotan is a really good snapshot of the state of alt comics at the moment of production.  But unlike Kramers or Mome the product has a much more home made feel.  It's not enough to read these comics, you want to hold them, examine them and find a really special place on your book shelf for them.
This forth edition of the series has a wide variety of stuff in there.  Art comics, comedy fummetti, psychedelia and even some comics featuring little stuffed knitted guys... it covers the alt comics spectrum.  Buck Sutter has some haunting photo comics in there.  Luke Holden has some really great stuff in his stoned out high school notebook style. Great stuff from Anna Boingiovanni, Raigne Hogan, Megan Hogan, Lupi, Nic Breutzman, Ed Moorman... actually, I liked all of it.  The most ambitious piece is a comedy history lesson from Kevin Cannon that is both hilarious and great to look at.
Without counting the pages, my rough estimate would be that the majority of the book leans towards art comics.  That's just my general impression based on what stood out to me.  
This edition of Good Minnesotan is currently a part of a Kickstarter fund raiser.  As I type this, it appears that the funding has met it's goal but I still recommend getting in on it before 8:00 PM on Sunday July 25 and you might be able to get some great extras at a very nice price.  It's also a great chance to pick up the other Good Minnesotan editions. 

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith
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