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15 June 2010

Shiot Crock Sixteen on sale now!

(Wrap around full color cover by Jean Baugnon.)

Hey pals.  So, like I edited an anthology of minicomic/alt/indie/underground comics/comix/non-moving-picture stories and personally, I think it's fantastic.  You should go buy several copies.  Shiot Crock is a series of comics anthologies born out of The Comics Journal's message boards.  It has been called the official unofficial anthology of those message boards.  Over the years it has featured many international cartoonists that have gone on to world wide fame/infamy.  The first fifteen versions of the anthology were available only to the contributors and a select few comics industry folk.  Now, for the first time ever, you the common man/woman can witness the glory/horror that is Shiot Crock for just ten American buckos. (Plus shipping and/or handling.) 

This triumphant edition features work from Jean Baugnon, Ed Quinby, David Robertson, Sean Robinson, Lupi, Dino Caruso, Paul Houston, Jeremy Massie, Mark Campos, Cory Fuka, Joe Kletz, Shannon Smith, Josh Latta, Kurt Beaulieu, Mike Hunter, Karen Lucus, John Platt, Barry Rodges, Henry Eudy and Michael Klopner

The book is a 128 page digest sized black and white trade paperback with a full color cover and 124 pages of comics.  The content is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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