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05 April 2009

Fluke 2009 Postview.

So I'm back from Fluke and I'm still exhausted.  Above you can see a pile of the fine products I obtained at the show.  I'll talk about the books more in the future.  I have to decompress and transform myself from dude that goes to comic book show back to dude that reads comics before I can really make sense of anything I'm reading.  There were a lot of great looking books that I'm excited about though and the anthology looks fantastic.  
I love Fluke, I love Athens and I love all my pals that were at the show so it was a good time.  It seemed at least as well attended as any previous year.  Maybe more so.  There was definitely a more steady flow of shoppers or at least it felt more crowded to walk though.  I'm terrible at keeping track of my sales but my guess would be that I sold more in 2008.  That could be because people are pinching pennies or because I really only had one new book that I had not sold at the show before but it was probably because I spent a lot of time away from my table talking to all the great comic book folk in attendance.  
Jeremy Massie (creator of The Deadbeat coming soon to your finer comic book selling venues) is from my neck of the woods and road down with me for the show.  We got up early and were (I think) the third and fourth persons at the door.  Jeremy took the above photo of me, my pants and my coffee.
There was a good crowd waiting for the doors to open.  It was pretty chilly for an April day in GA. 

Jeremy and I combined our products to create a full table.  I also had some Candy or Medicine books for sale.   I had some special advance Candy or Medicine FCBD books and they went quick.  
On the left is the Fluke table.  Serving all your anthology, t-shirt and eight ball needs.  Behind that big red beam, there are many minicomic fans and creators.  Honest. 
Jeremy Massie loves selling minicomics. 

I've been doing comic shows as a creator for about seven years and I think I've only been to two shows where I did not get to hang out with my pal Brad McGinty. Brad had two new books.  One in full color!  Wow.   

That's my pal Todd O'Brien.  Todd does not make comics.  Yet.

And my pal Robert Venditti.  Rob wrote some comic that is being made into a movie but I don't know anything about it. 

Wide Awake Press are wide, awake and pressing. 

J. Chris Campbell makes his minicomics out swallowed souls. 

Josh Latta was happy about how awesome the WAP printed Redskin Rashy turned out.  I was too.

That's Patrick Dean and Robert Newsome.  We thank them for making it all happen.  Thanks!

Patrick Dean and I bask in the glow of his giant new Big Deal book. 

After the show everyone went to Bizzaro Wuxtry.  They have so much stuff my eyes and brain just could not process it.  You would need a few days to get through it all.  I did manage to find a comic I've been hunting for a long time.  I'll talk more about that later over at Addicted to Distraction

"Comics & Stuff".  What else is there?  Well, food.  About twenty of us went to Transmetropolitan for giant pizza slices but I was too busy stuffing my face and listening to every one's hilarious stories to take a picture of that. 

Thank you Fluke, WAP, Jeremy and all my pals.  Extra super mega thanks to folks that bought my books!  Fluke 2009 was good times.  I can't wait to do it again.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith
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