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27 March 2009

Fluke 2009 Preview.

Hey pals. If you love comics, art, fine hand crafted books, buttons, beer, people or things that don't suck you need to go to the Fluke Mini-Comics Festival in Athens GA this Saturday April 4th. Many of the best brashly confident avatars of cool from the southeast and parts unknown will be there to shake your hand, laugh at your jokes and sell you their latest creations. Admission is just five bucks. And if you yourself are a brashly confident avatar of cool and have something to sell, the admission price gets you a table while supplies last.

Another cool part of of Fluke is the Fluke Anthology pictured above. I'm not sure if it comes with the price of admission but I know you want/need to buy it regardless of the price.

Here are the specs. (Copied and pasted from the Fluke facebook page.)
Screen Printed Cover
Saw blade belly band
Extra goodie inside
80 Pages*

Gary Fields -
Sarah Louise -
Jeremy Sorese -
Joey Weiser -
Jason Horn -
Josh Latta -
Andrew Goldfarb -
Jon Adams - citycyclops.comIain Laurie -
Brad McGinty -
Patrick Dean -
Rob Ullman - robullman.comTJ Kirsh -
Jonothan Baylis -
Shannon Smith -
M CamposGregory Dickens -
Joel Rivers -
Jared Aiosa & Andrew Wales - andrewwales.blogspot.comJeaux -
J Chris Campbell -
Erin Griffin -
Michael Bresnahan -

I've not seen the book here on the material plane, (the tonal, if you will) but that is an impressive list containing some of my favorite comics makers. I'm really excited to be a part of it.

And now some "making of photos stolen from the Fluke site and their facebook page:
This is a photo taken from the Fluke 2009 planning committee meeting. Patrick Dean is saying, "But I don't want to edit the anthology. We should bet Brad McGinty and J. Chris Campbell to edit it." And Robert Newsome is saying, "No you idiot. What we should do is get Chris J. Campbell and Brad MacGinty to edit it!" I'd like to say no one was hurt but I'd be lying.

And here is a look at the screen printing of the covers in action. What is more exciting than that? Nothing. Nothing is more exciting than that.

Brad McGinty is telling Adam from the Dollar Bin, "Seriously. Turn the camera off. No one can see my secret folding technique. It has been passed down through a hundred generations."The glorious results of ancient folding technique.
Here is a look at exactly one panel from my six page story that will be in the anthology. It is the first Spaghetti Junktion comic I've done in years and it takes place a decade or so before any of the other stuff you may have seen. Kickin' out the jams in the early 90's.

People you need to go visit at the Fluke show. 

J Chris Campbell 
Eleanor Davis 
Patrick Dean 
The Dollar Bin 
Dustin Harbin
Josh Latta
Jeremy Massie 
Brad McGinty 
Andy Runton 
Chris Schweizer 
Shannon Smith 
Second Period Industries 
Top Shelf Comics 
Dean Trippe 
Robert Venditti 
Joey Weiser 
Wide Awake Press

New books and stuff to look for at Fluke:

Josh Latta will have a new issue Rashy Rabbit. I believe it is called Redskin Rashy. Josh talks a little about it at some blog called file under other.

Jeremy Massie will be on hand with minicomics like The Deadbeat (soon to be a graphic novel).   Jeremy was not at Fluke last year so unless you saw him SPX or another show, his stuff may be new to you and is really worth a look. 

Patrick Dean says, "I'll be busting my back to finish a large tabloid sized comic that I keep putting off, but will try to have finished by FLUKE weekend. Also, I'll have a mess of small drawings for sale (RELATIVELY CHEAP!) and a free Big Deal Comics button to anyone who buys anything. Also, any old FLUKE anthologies from past years if anyone's interested."

I will have some Candy Or Medicine FCBD samplers at my table. That's right, Flukies don't have to wait until May for FCBD! I will have some copies of the other fine issues for sale.

I myself should have a new minicomic for you if I finish it on time. That's the cover above. Readers of my blog will have already seen it. The book is mostly a collection of comics that originated on my blog and have not been in paper form before. Well, maybe some of them have. I'm not sure. It's not quite finished. I also hope to have a special recession blend Bag of Savages to satisfy your comic sampling needs.
This is a pic of a t-shirt I assume will be on sale at Fluke. If it is not on sale at Fluke, I will spend he rest of my days tracking down that masked man and then rassle him for it. That's right, "rassle".
Doesn't that poster by Joey Weiser make you want to drive to Athens and hang out with artists in a bar? Will this poster be available at the show? Maybe?

Other things you need to do:

Visit the Fluke website.

Join the Fluke facebook group.

If you are going to Fluke and have something new to hype send me an email with a few words about it and maybe even a jpeg.   I will add that info to this post as long as I get it by Thursday.

Things you need to bring to Athens.

Money.  If my wife would not throw me and my comics out in the street, I could easily blow a pay check on Top Shelf's table alone.  Plus, you should also plan on swinging by Bizzaro Wuxtry.  It is one of the coolest comic shops I've ever been to.  You might need  a big bag to carry all the great stuff you are going to buy.

An appetite.  Athens is a college town with lots of good eats.  I'm thinking Taco Stand for lunch.

Your own minicomics and junk to trade.  Plus, if you want your stuff reviewed at file under other, you can give me copies at the show and save yourself some postage.  If you are looking for me at the show, I look exactly like this...

I will probably be driving to Georgia on Friday night.  I plan to borrow my mom's Impala.  It is a six hour drive but I hope to make it in four.  This is what I will look like on the highway...

If you see me in your rear view, pull over. 

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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