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26 January 2009


Comics on Fire #1 by Paul Hack.
24 page black and white minicomic with color cover.

This is a pretty standard one man anthology minicomic.  It is made up of mostly one page gags and a couple of longer stories.  The drawing is minimal and leans toward stoned sketchbook doodles.  There is nothing ambitious about the art but the jokes deliver in spots.
At best these jokes remind me of the quirkiness of Far Side or Tom the Dancing Bug.  At worst they seem like brainstorming.  According to a great looking post card that Hack included with the package this is his first minicomic.  For a first minicomic it is well crafted.  The interior pages are grey and have the feel of newsprint.  I like the look and feel of that paper and will probably steal that idea myself at some point.  Like most comedy minicomcs this one has it's hits and misses but the hits are pretty clever and good for a laugh.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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