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23 January 2009

Candy or Medicine Vol. 6

Candy or Medicine Volume Six

This is the funniest and most consistent issue of Candy or Medicine so far.  Consistent in the sense that all the comics seem to belong together in the same comedy comic.  I don't know if the book is at the point where Blair has enough submissions to put together pieces that match up thematically or if it was just the luck of the draw but if you were to set out and make a good comedy minicomic anthology it might look a lot like this.  The pieces also have more depth to them or at least more length than previous volumes.  Jason Viola's piece is a solid five page story.  Brien Wayne Powell provides a funny Magnet Man two pager.  I've been a Magnet Man fan for a while now.  Patrick Morgan's two pages are odd but look great and are pretty funny.  This might be the most accessible volume so far.  I think that if I had a dozen copies I could easily pass them around the office and generate a lot of laughs.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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