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10 December 2008

Webcomics: You + Me: dream by Megan Rose Gedris

You + Me: dream by Megan Rose Gedris.

I still have mixed feelings about trying to put together any kind of review for webcomics but I think this one is worth pointing out.  It's just fantastic looking.  Just look at the pic above.  Gedris's drawing is great and despite her youth captures a lot of what I liked about how Marvel artists drew the ladies (especially their hands and hair) in the 70's.  Guys like Romita and Colan.  But her character designs are a lot more adventurous than old super hero books.  Each character has their personality expressed through how they are drawn.  The biggest thing that makes this strip stand out for me is the coloring.  I just think it's fantastic.  I also love the lettering.  Of course, all you have to do to make me love the lettering in your web comic is not use lame computer fonts.  It's pretty simple but at least 95% of webcomics lose me on this one.  
As far as the what the strip is about?  I'll let you click the info link for yourself.  I can't honestly say the thing makes a ton of sense to me.  I'm probably not the target audience but the characters are interesting and the thing looks great so it has earned a spot in my google reader.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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