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31 July 2008

Webcomics: Brad N' Josh by Brad McGinty and Josh Latta

Josh Latta has posted (what I beleive) is the complete run of one of my favorite tragically canceled comic strips on his blog. These jam strips are hilarious early comics by Josh and his Cute Girl Demographics partner Brad McGinty. This strip was once the only reason I picked up the InSite paper. I think the paper went under soon after they dropped the strip so take that papers that don't run Shannon Smith's favorite comics! I'm lucky enough to own these strips as collected in some of Brad and Josh's early minicomics but if you don't then you should go read these fine webcomics now. (They're comics. They're on the web. They're webcomics.) Speaking of webcomics... hey webcomics creators: Look at the fantastic hand lettering in these Brad N' Josh strips. If your computer generated webcomic lettering does not look as good as those Brad N' Josh strips then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your dependence on computer lettering. I'm just sayin'.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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