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30 June 2008

CANDY OR MEDICINE #3 edited by Josh Blair

Candy or Medicine Vol. 3 edited by Josh Blair.
16 page black and white quarterly minicomic anthology.
Josh Blair is doing an admirable job keeping this minicomics anthology going and it is getting better with each issue. Blair has an open solicitation policy so the quality of material could go either way from issue to issue. Volume three in particular is pretty strong. Not Mome or Kramers Ergot strong but pretty strong for a 16 page mini that sells for one buck in person and a dollar fifty online.
There is a charming and well drawn four pager by Eric Myers (sampled above) and a funny four page gag/adventure story by Colin Tedford. I'm also happy to see a nice one pager from Dan Taylor. There are a couple of juvenile pages that didn't do anything for me but that seems to be a constant in even the best anthologies. Like I said before, a thing like this could go either way. So far it has been on the right track and the quality has been at least strong enough to make me curious about the next issue. I think if Josh put together a best of book once every year or so that it would be a very good minicomic.
Josh also included the FCBD sampler which you can preview for yourself right here. It's not as strong as Vol. 3 but will give you an idea of what Candy or Medicine is all about and it has a fun FCBD themed cover that I like a lot. If you saw me at HeroesCon I may have given you a copy. If I didn't, that was because they were good looking little books and they went fast.
Don't forget that Josh is always looking for submissions. If you've got a few pages lying around or in the works then drop him a line.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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