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17 December 2007

Josh Simmons' BATMAN

I've heard rumors of this mini comic for a while now. I'm a huge Josh Simmons fan and I've been dying to read it. Thanks to The Comics Reporter for pointing out this link. I wont' review the comic because you can read it here yourself. I'll just say that I think it is fantastic and you should go read it right now before DC makes it go away.

UPDATE July 19, 2012:  Hi.  I noticed a lot of folks looking at this post this week.  Probably because of the movie coming out and possibly because of Matt Seneca's recent review.  I'm sorry but the links above appear to be broken now.  I'm not aware of a place online to read the comic but I think that it is in the new book The Furry Trap. If I find another link to it as a webcomic I will update this again.  Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your Batpants!

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith
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