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04 June 2013

Crime World #4 by David King

Crime World #4 by David King.
Black and white minicomic.  28 pages. 

The whole reason file under other exists is so that people will send me comics like this so that I can read them.  Well, I also enjoy typing very quickly then deleting things.  But mostly it's the comics.  This comic is real hardcore stuff.  It's about crime, cops, criminals, crime cops and crime criminals in a world made of crime.  And this not the phony crime you might find on TV or in some Frank Miller comic.  This is real crime where the cops say real cop things like...
Real crime cop talk.

Or, maybe cops don't talk like that at all.  But they should because it is hilarious.  The dialog alone would be a knee slapper but the fact that the words are in balloons that point to King's great little characters with their big childlike heads pushes it on into gut buster territory.  (Or maybe it's gut buster province.  I get them confused.)

King's comic making skills are top notch.  I'm mostly familiar with his webcomics where his drawing and character design really stand out four panels at a time but here, in minicomic form, I noticed just how good he is at setting up and pacing action from page to page.  The middle part of the book really moves and when the big chase ends with a standoff it jolts you into the realization that stuff is about to get real.

And by "real" I mean guns and hardcore crime cop stuff.

And by "you" I mean me because I'm the one that read the comic and felt those things that the comic made me feel.  But you should read it too and maybe it will make you feel those things as well.  Or maybe it will make you feel other things.  Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about you so I can't guarantee anything about how you might feel when you read a comic book.  But if you don't like this one then maybe you are not so bright because this is one of the good ones.  

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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