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05 November 2012

The file under other 5th anniversary blog post.

 Yep.  Five years ago today.  But not really because there were some "soft opening" posts before that but the "Welcome" post from November 5 2007 was the real open for business announcement.  I still have about 5 years worth of minicomics left to review to prove it.
Well, it's been something.  Thank you all from the deepest darkest trenches of my black little heart.  I sincerely appreciate every read, every hit, every link, every "re-tweet", every "like", every everything.  Thanks to everyone that ever came up to me at a convention and told me that they read the site.  And thank you most of all to the comics creators, distributors, publishers etc. that have given me something to write about.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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