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15 July 2012

Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 07152012

(Brad McGinty sticker image of Bradwick J. McGinty as portrayed by Brad McGinty stolen from Brad McGitny.)

Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics, cartoons, digital comics, other, etc. during the week ending 07152012:

  • The big news in comics this week was and is Comic-Con.  I don't really have any thoughts on that.  I would love to go some day.  I have a lot of pals there and I hope that it has been everything they want and need it to be.  But, for me, I just can't afford it and I try not to waste too much time thinking about things I can't afford.  In a few years when my young adult erotic graphic novel series, Fifty Shades of Avenging Vampire Slaying Zombie Spider Honey Badger Bear High School, is a huge crossover phenomenon... I'll let my publisher pay my way to Comic-Con.  In the meantime, I'm sure the world's greatest comics blogger has covered or linked to everything worth covering or linking too. 
  • One small little Comic-Con thing though:  The Eisner's.  Comics Reporter has the winners listed.  Looks like Daredevil and the Jim Henson library had big nights.  I'm happy to see that James Kochalka, Evan Dorkin, Craig Thompson, Mark Waid and Tom Spurgeon won just because I'm a fan of their work.  I would have liked to have seen team Archie win something.  I think history will eventually recognize Life With Archie as one of the more important comics of 2011.  I have not read enough of the nominated titles to really deserve to have an opinion though.  Hell, I've not even read Habibi and I love Craig Thompson.  Comics is very expensive yo.
  • Oh, one more little Comic-Con thing.  Fantagraphics announced a digital comics partnership with Comixology which will begin with Love & Rockets. This a big deal for me.  I've never had much look accessing Love & Rockets through the direct market.  In fact, I don't think I've ever bought a Love & Rockets related anything through the direct market.  I've had to find it comic conventions or but it online.  To be able to buy the next Love & Rockets digitally the same day it comes out will be a nice option to have. 
(Battle Zoo stolen from Battle Zoo.)
(Stan Lee and Matthew Roldan stolen from This is me, is that you?)
(Image stolen from Mike Dawson.)
(Image stolen from bandcamp.)

Oh, and one more last thing!  Did you know you can leave comments on these posts here at file under other?  It's true!  And, I'll probably respond.  Twitter and facebook killed the message boards but that's no reason why you can't argue with me, praise me or leave me recipes.  It's your intronet.  Have fun!

And that's just a taste of some of the interesting things going out there in the wonderful world of comics and things. I can't keep up with it all but I do keep up with a lot of it on twitter and I try to re-tweet the good stuff. You should probably follow me there. If you did something to make comics better this week then high-five!

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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