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17 June 2012

Other Comics News Parade-O-Links 06172012

(Sexy Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings lady by Rob Ullman stolen from Atom Bomb Bikini.)

Just because file under other does not currently have a lot of time to talk about all the wonderful things that should be filed under other it does not mean that wonderful things are not happening. Here are some things I found interesting in the world of minicomics, small press, self publishing, zines, webcomics etc. during the week ending 06172012:

  • This week everything came up Crogan.  The great Chris Schweizer was features in a lengthy interview at The Comics Reporter.  Schweizer was also features on the War Rocket Ajax podcast.  Listen to the very end of the podcast, past the end music to hear a great Schweizer vs. gator story.  Schweizer is a master class level cartoonist and one of the most likable guys you will ever meet but the real thing that sets him apart from common man is that he has gator stories.  Do you have gator stories?
  • A lot of awful things happened in comics this week.  Some of them involved Catwoman's butt.  I'm not going to talk about Catwoman's butt.
  • Speaking of not-Catwoman's butt- Dale Earnhardt Jr., the world's most popular race car driver (currently ranked 2nd in championship points) will be driving a Batman  (The Dark Night Rises) themed race car this afternoon (and by this afternoon, I mean Sunday June 17 at noon in Michigan, USA.) and it is probably the coolest looking race car I've ever seen.  If the Batmobile wins that race my head will be exploded. 

  • The Batmobile pictured above was averaging speeds over 200mph in practice on Friday and Saturday but late Saturday evening NASCAR made the totally insane move of changing the tires that will be used on the left side of the cars during the race.  The different tire is slower but decidedly more dangerous.  The theory is that because the drivers were setting record breaking speeds that the way to keep them from going too fast and possibly having blowouts is to make them use an awful six year old tire that will make them all wreck before they get going fast enough to wreck.  NASCAR is an insane stupid governing body folks.  But at least they ain't professional boxing and them boys (and girls) go real fast.  Oh, and Batman!  (See, comics everybody.  Comics!)
  • UPDATE:  The Batmobile won!
  • Speaking of Batpants- Batman is crazy yo.
  • Speaking of crazy- Oh that wacky Owlman
  • My pal Jeremy Massie had a new baby.  (Via Jeremy Massie's wife.)  Babies are expensive.  Go buy his comics or something
  • Can I just take a moment to tell you that I loves me some J. Chris Campbell?  And J. Chris Campbell loves him some Spider-Man.  I loves me some Spider-Man too.  My 1st Spidey comics were Marvel Team-Up 85 and Marvel Team-Up Annual 2.  Both were from 1979 but I'm not sure which came out first.  They are in my basement on a spinner rack.  (Oh, and J. Chris buddy-  you should totally go buy the first three or four Essential Spider-Man collections at HeroesCon for like five bucks a piece.  They are wonderful.) 
  • Oh hey wow, HeroesCon is totally a thing that is happening this week.  Most all of my most beloved comics pals and comics heroes are going to be there.  The guest list is staggering.  I hope to be there on Indie Island and I hope to find the time to talk more about it this week. 
  • I really want to link to this nice piece Tom Spurgeon did on Daredevil over at The Comics Reporter but teh intronets is currently not letting me access The Comics Reporter.  It tells me it is unable to connect to my database which is totally horse patootie because I can access the rest of teh intronets.  So, here is a link to a really cool thing Matt Seneca wrote about Daredevil
  • Speaking of Matt Seneca-  Comic books still continue to burn in hell and they seem to be burning better and better each week.  You know what the difference between fanboy podcasts and serious critical discourse podcasts is?  8.6.  That's right.  8.6 on the F-bomb-o-meter.  
  • Speaking of podcasts-  Last week's Tell Me Something I Don't Know featured Ed Piskor and it was very good. 
  • Shaenon Garrity is most likely insane so you probably want to go check out these webcomics reviews before the flood of webcomic link emails to The Comics Journal shuts down the entire introwebnets forever. 
  • Gonna have to cut this week's report a bit shorter than I had hoped.  I've got a notepad full off a bunch of other things I wanted to talk about but I just got back from Chattanooga TN earlier today.  (And by today, I mean Saturday when I typed this up.)  The good thing is, as of yesterday, no one I am related to is in the hospital.  Knock on wood.  The bad news is I've been coughing up something scarier than Prometheus for the past week.  I'ma gonna go to bed.  Oh, but first, let's talk about Tennessee radio.  Tennessee is a radio black hole.  No rock.  No roll.  No sanity.  There are only three kinds of radio in Tennessee-  Country, Jesus and whatever-you-call-the-kind-of-radio-where-they-only-talk-about-impeaching-and/or-murdering-President-Obama.  Black.  Hole.  Good luck not going crazy Tennessee. I honestly very much enjoy Tennessee and its fine people but dang, that radio, whooo hoo wee.  Yalls is crazy.  Jesus may love country music but he does not like hate so you might wanna tone down the whole murdering the President thing.  God bless ya. 
And that's just a taste of some of the interesting things going out there in the wonderful world of comics and things. I can't keep up with it all but I do keep up with a lot of it on twitter and I try to re-tweet the good stuff. You should probably follow me there. If you did something to make comics better this week then high-five!

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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