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30 March 2012

Action Comics #1 (Guest review by Kassidy Smith)

Guest review by Kassidy Smith age 10. 

Me:  Did you finally read that Superman comic?
Kassidy:  Yeah.
Me: Was it good?
Kassidy: Yeah.
Me:  How was it?  What did you think about it?
Kassidy:  Awesome!
Me:  What was awesome about it?
Kassidy:  Superman is a good guy and a bad guy.
Me:  He's a bad guy?
Kassidy:  Yeah.  He destroys property.  Cops are chasing him.  He almost kills somebody just by flying.
Me:  Is that cool?
Kassidy:  Yeah.

So there you have it.  Action Comics #1 is awesome.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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