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24 May 2011

Two comics you should read online right now.

I wanted to share links to a couple of comics you can read online for free right now.  
The great Ben Towle is serializing his new "graphic novel in progress" The Oyster War online.  It is clever, fun, exciting and beautifully drawn.  There is some master class level drawing going on here and the colors are perfect.  Everything about it is inspiring to me.  The drawing, lettering, colors, story telling and especially the character designs.  It's just packed with great stuff to look at.  And boats!  I love boats.  Every single panel so far has been great.  The comic starts here.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.
Ben will be at HeroesCon next weekend.  You should check out his stuff in person.  I'm sure that he will also be moderating a panel or three because his head is full of brains.

My pal Brad McGinty has re-modeled his website and has made his complete graphic novel Wysteria available online.  I talked in depth about the Wysteria minicomics a while back in a fuo review.  They are some of my favorite minicomics of all time.  The online version includes the conclusion to the book which I have not yet read.  I'm trying to hold out to read it on paper first but only because I'm weird.  I will probably fail to hold out though because it looks really fantastic and I'm anxious to read the whole thing in one chunk.  Wysteria is a fascinating adventure and features some rich and wonderful art that I can get lost in of for hours.  You should check it out.  (Brad is also taking pre-orders for a hardback version.)
Brad will be at HeroesCon next week.  You should buy up all his comics and hit him up for a sketch.  Brad is one of the great guys to watch draw. He is super fast and amazing with a brush.  Make sure to check him out on Indie Island.  

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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