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21 December 2010

Goodbye Journalista and good luck to Dirk Deppey.

It has been announced that tomorrow, Wed. 12/22/2010, will be the last day for Dirk Deppey as The Comics Journal's web blogger.  It is hard for me to see any positives in this at the moment.  Perhaps tomorrow Dirk will share any ideas or plans he has for the future and that might lessen the blow.  My hope is that this will allow some longer more in-depth comics criticism from one of the best writers about comics.  But even so, Journalista will be missed. 
It will be a big blow to file under other and minicomics as whole.  Seriously.  Dirk has been very kind and linked most of the reviews here at file under other over the years.  Those brief little links have not only driven a lot of readers this way but they have helped drive sales for the creators.  I've heard back from many creators that as soon as the file under other review was linked on Journalista they received new orders for their books.   This is a big deal.  In minicomics every sale matters.  Every sale helps make the next book happen.  I personally can testify that when links to other bloggers' reviews of my own comics have been posted on Journalista that I've seen new sales within 12 hours of the posting.  It certainly mattered to me. 
There are only a handful of folks in the comics media (or whatever it is)  that treat minicomics with the same respect they treat the big guys and we don't thank them enough.  So, a great big thank you to Mr. Deppey.  I look forward to what ever is next from one of the best.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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