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28 September 2010

The Poopsheet Foundation is back.

Do you like minicomics?  Do you make minicomics?  Well the Poopsheet Foundation is back up and you need to go over there and sign up.  Yeah, members from the old version will have to create a new account but it only takes a minute and you probably forgot your old password anyway. The new version of the site is kind of a facebook message board hybrid thing.  You can make friends and all that junk but if you don't want to fool with any of that it's cool.  You can still just click the links to read the reviews and take advantage of the other resources that Poopsheet offers.  The store is still there. The archives are still there.  All the stuff from the old Poopsheet is there in some form or another but now it has more community features.  Check it out.  You can even "friend me" or whatever.  Let's be pals.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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