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09 June 2010

The Dollar Bin: Friends Assembled Vol. 3: The Wedding Special

The folks over at The Dollar Bin put out a new minicomic in time for HeroesCon.  I'm not going to say a lot about the book because I actually have a one pager in it. (All you need to know about it is that I hang with Smurfs.)  I mainly just want to mention the book as a way to take a moment to hype The Dollar Bin.  They do comics podcasts, reviews and all that junk but they also post the audio from a lot (or maybe all) of the panels from HeroesCon.  I usually miss panels because I'm at my table so I really dig the chance to hear this stuff after the fact.  So far this week I've listened to their "Breaking into Comics" and "Comics as Career" recordings.  They were great.  I learned some things and picked up some good ideas.  So, check 'em out.
As far as the book itself goes, it's a good looking anthology minicomic with a lovely cover by Josh Latta.  This is their third book like this and they all look nice.  The theme of this book is marriage.  J. Chris Campbell has a nice one pager in there.  I really like the stories from Henry Eudy and Adam Casey.  Can't get enough of those guys.
I assume that when the guys recover from HeroesCon that they will have copies on sale in their store so bookmark the site and check back in a while. 

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith


Spaceman Spliff said...

Oh man, I'm glad you liked my contribution (I knocked it out in 2 very short days after meeting Adam at Fluke). The Dollar Bin really is an incredible repository of comics goodness and I thouroughly appreciate all they do. I still haven't gotten a copy of the book yet, darn it! Really gotta get me one so I can check out those Smurfs!

Shannon Smith said...

I could keep ya waiting but Smurf that.