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06 August 2009

Not minicomics: Wednesday Comics

file under other is mostly dedicated to minicomics and other indie/alternative/underground/art/avant garde/dyi/zine/small press etc. books but I do read some mainstream comics and sometimes I even fell like talking about them. When I do, I usually do it over on the Addicted to Distraction blog. I have recently posted two "twitter reviews" of DC Comics new Wednesday Comics series. So far I've covered 3 and 4. I might do more but am not able to visit comic shops on a regular basis so I can't make any promises. I thought I would link the reviews here because as far as mainstream comics go the format of this series is about as "other" as anything the big two have tried in a while. I also will always think of Paul Pope, Kyle Baker and Mike Allred as indie guys so I think it totally makes sense for me to mention stuff about them here at file under other. Plus, I'm making up the rules as I go so...
Check out my review of week three here and week four here.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

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