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12 May 2009

Three more minis from Silber Media

Published by Silber Media.

Brian John Mitchell sent in three more matchbook sized minis from Silber Media.

worms #3 "inside me" continues a Lynchian thriller. The writing is in a stream of consciousness style and it is unclear what is real, metaphor or illusion. This issue includes and IV full of snake headed worms. The images are minimal but stylish. You can see the tattoo art influence in Traub's drawing. At this short length it is hard to tell if the story is going anywhere. It feels like episodic television and would probably process better if each issue could be read within a week or so of the last.

The Lost Kisses minis continue Mitchell's series of one panel gag comics. The gags are linked together by a typed statement at the bottom of each gag. These statements reinforce the gag but more importantly link the gags together into a loose narrative. Maybe a little too loose in #7. The book was a bit confusing and felt like the pages might have been out of order. #8 is a lot tighter and sticks to a consistent theme throughout. Most all of the gags in both books are funny but I think #7 might work better without the typed statements. What I like most about Mitchell's comics is that he is able to make light of mundane relationship moments without being to cute or too bitter.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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