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01 May 2009

FCBD for the Indie Hipster

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow so I wanted to mention a few things my minicomics lovin' pals should be on the look out for.
The Candy or Medicine FCBD book will be in an impressive amount of shops. You can see the list here. I'm fortunate enough to already have a copy and it is a good little introduction to this great minicomic anthology series.
I've already mentioned the WAP FCBD book here but I'll remind you again that you can download The Ancient Age for free this Saturday. Brad McGinty posted some samples and they look great.
I think my pal Jeremy Massie will have a FCBD sample version of his upcoming graphic novel at a couple of stores. His publisher, Alterna, is going to have an 80 page FCBD book that you should be able to find at your nearest comic shop and I assume it will have some samples of Jeremy's book. You can check out a preview here.

If I had the time and money to drive the kids to Charlotte I would go visit Heroes Aren't Hard to Find to check out their staggering list of guests for free.

And of course, there are the books from all the other publishers to look for. I have not had the time to check out the main FCBD site to study what will be available but I'm always happy with whatever I can get for free from Fantagraphics, Dawn & Quarterly and Top Shelf. You can check out the list here. I personally am desperate for the free Love and Rockets and Nancy books but I kind of doubt I find them in my area. So, if you see them in your store, grab a hand full and mail me one. I'll send you something cool back in return. Honest!

I always look forward to FCBD. It started the same year my oldest daughter was born and I've taken her every year. Even when she was a baby. I don't always get every book I want but she is always happy to have new comics and she will go back to them over and over and enjoy them for weeks, months and years. If you have kids and don't take them out for free comics then, well, I really just don't have any hope for you. I don't know how you can live with yourself. I hope your kids will forgive you. Someday.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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