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04 February 2009

Webcomics: Road Crew by Tommie Kelly

This webcomic starts off as a bare bones rock dude equivalent of what Penny Arcade is to gamers.  If that were all it did that would be fine by me.  I once was a rock dude and can relate to the situations.  I found a lot of laughs in this strip and was pretty eager to go from page to page looking for more.  If you start the strip from the beginning (which I recommend) you will see that it grows beyond just the obvious jokes and fan pandering and that the characters actually turn into, well, characters.  The art gets progressively better as well but I don't' really care about that all that much.  Sure I like nice looking comics but a better mastery of photoshop does not make the strips any funnier.   It does have a few spots were it becomes more soap opera than comedy but those are pretty strong strips too.  I think I prefer the simpler comedy strips but each entry is good enough for me to hit the "next" arrow.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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