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27 February 2009

The Deadbeat #3 by Jeremy Massie

The Deadbeat #3 by Jeremy Massie

This is sort of half review and half plug. I covered The Deadbeat issues 1, 2 and 2. 75 last year in my HeroesCon wrap up post.  I liked those three comics a lot and #3 is an great finale to the story.  I won't say much about the story because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.  Massie's drawing in this book is loose and fun but dramatic when it needs to be.  That is a fair description of the writing as well.  Massie has a strong command of dialog and character interaction.  Sure these characters have superpowers but The Deadbeat is really about the drama between the two main characters and Massie nails that.   Massie is a very good artists and makes great looking comics but the thing that makes him scary good is that he can really,  really write.  I can't wait to read this whole thing as one book.  Oh, and by the way....

The Deadbeat is being collected as a graphic novel published by Alterna.  It is in the March Previews which can be found in your friendly neighborhood comic book shop.  It's going for a really low price so I do recommend you order a copy.  I am always hesitant to tell people how to spend their money here at file under other but with all the scary talk about Diamond's new policies making things harder on the small guys I thought I would go ahead and step up and encourage you fine folks to support what I know will be a good book.  Plus, I really feel no shame in recommending this graphic novel here at a minicomic site because the book still has a minicomic sized price.   You can check out a preview here at Alterna's website and don't forget to order your copy from Previews.  The code is MAR094045.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

p.s.  My top secret mincomics investigative news hounds tell me that Massie will probably be at Fluke in Athens on April 4th.  The graphic novel won't be out yet but I'm sure Massie will have a lot of great minis for you.

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