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22 December 2008

Size Matters best minicomics of 2008.

Shawn Hoke has posted his minicomics best of list for 2008 over at Size Matters.  Go take a look.  It reinforces my amazement at how big and widespred this whole minicomics thing is.  I read a lot of minicomics but it is such a regional thing that I've only heard of about half of the books Shawn mentions.  My access to minicomics is through file under other and conventions in the south east.  I assume Shawn's access is through Size Matters and shows within dirivng distance of Indiana.  If you had ten more guys spread out through the country and they all put together their lists I think you might begin to get a picture of what is out there (and that would only be covering the US).  I like that.  I like that there is not a Diamond catalog for minicomics. That there is still the thrill of the hunt in finding these things.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

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