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29 January 2008


Candy or Medicine Vol. 2 edited by Josh Blair.
16 p b&w minicomic.

I really like the idea of Candy or Medicine and if it did not exist I would probably do the same thing eventually. That it is an anthology of minicomic creators is nothing special but the idea that it comes out on a quarterly basis (and has so far delivered) is something to admire in the often flakey world minicomics.

From the website's about page: Candy or Medicine is a quarterly mini-comic anthology published by Josh Blair. It showcases a diverse talent of mini-comics creators, provides a low-cost exposure of mini-comics to new audiences and shows people of all ages and skill levels that they can make comics. Candy or Medicine is always seeking contributors of all skill levels.

This is a great idea and I'm glad Josh Blair is pulling it off. As far as the quality of the comic itself? Well, when you open things up to "contributors of all skill levels" from the world of minicomics, the results can be hit and miss. Vol. 2 is probably more miss than hit. There are some nice sketches from Matt Feazell and some nice cartooning by Liza Miller but most of the strips look like first attempts at comics. That being said, Vol. 2 is easily interesting enough to justify the $1 (or $1.50 online) price.

If Josh can keep this thing on schedule and keep spreading the word it could develop into a nice anthology. Josh seems to be working hard at getting this thing out there but it can only be as good as it's contributor's comics. If you are like me and want to live a world where a good quarterly anthology of minicomcs exists then I suggest you submit your own comics to Candy or Medicine. I've already sent in my three pager for the next volume.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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