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09 April 2007

Big changes to this page.

I have been using this page of my multi-blog to post free webcomics but I am officially posting all my future webcomics here at ComicSpace. ComicSpace is just so darn easy to use and so darn free that I can't resist. I thought about just deleting this page but I figured it would not hurt to keep it here as an archive.
I have also been toying around with the idea of creating a mini-comic review blog for a long time. I was inspired by all the great comics I got at Fluke this year to go ahead and get off the pot. Rather than create a whole new blog page, I've just re-modeled this one a bit and I will soon start posting reviews here. It will all make more sense after I get a few reviews up. If you would like your mini-comic reviewed, please send me a copy at the address above.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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